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By Vetchetarian
D.C.S.Compton, Dennis to his adoring fans', Compo to the likes of Keith Miller, was born 100 years ago today.

He represented England and Middlesex, in cricket, and England and Arsenal in football.
I never saw him play, but knew ALL about him from the cricketing books that I poured over as a young lad.
He was more than a Sportsman, being one of the very first, if not THE first, poster boy.

In cricket, he once scored 330 runs in 181 minutes. In the summer of 1947 he scored 3,816 runs and hit 18 centuries.
In football, he played left wing for Arsenal when they beat Liverpool to win the 1950 F.A.Cup.

Compton had style, so much so that an entire generation of schoolboys emulated his every trait. They ladled Brylcreem on their heads, because that's what Dennis used. He leant his name to the product. His image was everywhere. He was a Super Star.

Neville Cardus said of him, " Compton's cricket symbolised the hopes and renewed life of a nation that had emerged from the dark abyss of war ".

There's a great deal more to the great DCS than my little thumbnail. Much has been written by, and of, him. Well worth seeking out for the avid cricket enthusiast.

Nothing on the BBC website, more's the pity, but I felt suitably moved to post a few words in recognition of his sporting achievements on this significant day.

We'll not see his like again.
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