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By davee
Are we all lost for words?

My opinion is we haven't got the players.
Years ago there used to much debate about players who never made the tour, not nowadays.

The players who do go can only play 'Cameo' innings very few can turn 100's into 'Big Hundreds' very few can bat without the need to score runs, frustration sets in and the wicket falls instead of the bowler being frustrated, this in turn leads to bowlers who only have to bowl to take wickets not ones who can winkle out a batsman. Much of the blame for this must lie at the T20 / One Day door,
But a batsman only has very limited opportunities playing 12 County Matches - 24 innings max mostly played in the freezing cold start of season or at the end when a lot of interest has waned where as back in the days of 3 day matches there was the potential for over 100.
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By chris
few years back we would have put Warner in that bracket: unable / unwilling to bat without the need to score runs. Even Smith.

They both showed an attitude and determination beyond the England team.

Not sure the commentators can simply the pass the blame either. I saw that 4 of the 5 Sky team wanted to send Buttler to New Zealand. Why? All of which comes back to we might not have the players at the moment. And are we ever likely to when the ECB banish the championship to April, May and September.
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By PaulTavs
As I posted on the Ashes tour thread, I am wary of over-reacting.

Only a few months ago we were beating World No 2 South Africa and all was rosy in the garden.

We were outplayed by a better side - in Australian conditions.

I would say Cook, Root, Bairstow, and while tested hard out in Oz, Malan and Stoneman have all shown (some emphatically) that they can play long innings without being bish-bash-bosh.

All the other countries play T20 domestically - right?

No doubt when Australia lost in England in 2010/11 and then 3-0 in England in 2013, the Aussie media were saying there was something all wrong with their domestic system?

Plenty of other England sides have gone to Australia and been hammered - well in fact, all of them since 1986/87 except for 2010/11, so T20 or lack of summer Championship matches cannot just be slotted in as the overall explanation. It would be different if we'd previously been crushing Oz in Oz, but we haven't - so it's same old, really.

Yes, it was disappointing, and yes, there are currently some issues to find class players in certain areas (not for the first time there either - look at the player merry-go-round of the late 80s and the 90s), but I don't think the England Test side is crumbling into pieces.
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By Alex
The extra pace of the Aussies bowlers made all the difference plus I think Hazlewood is a really underrated bowler. Personally I think he is much better than Starc even if it doesn't always end up that way figures wise.

I hope Livingstone gets a chance in NZ because he's had a cracking season for Lancs
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By PaulTavs
I wonder what people's views are on seeing Jason Roy smash 180, yet he as yet never plays Test cricket.

This with the cupboard supposedly "bare" when looking to fix middle-order issues.

I can't believe the 50 over game, and Test cricket, particularly when played in England, are so vastly different that a player of this talent couldn't transfer to the Test arena.

That said, Alex Hales struggled with it, and cricket has seen some successful ODI specialists down the years, though I am not sure why they end up being restricted in this way.
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By Alex
I think Roy would be a mistake, personally I reckon Stoneman should be given another series with Haseeb being the long term opener however he needs to find some form again next year before he's selected again

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