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By TWrex
Pity to see the empty seats at Lord's even with the earlier date. I went last year picking up a seat at the top of the grandstand & the view was fantastic. Maybe the prices are too high for adults, perhaps a few quid less on the gate would have had more people in & spending at the various outlets. For one season it would be worth a try to see if it makes any difference.
I would have gone today, but the good lady wanted to see Alfie Boe & Michael Ball at Greenwich yesterday evening & I am afraid two days on the go is starting to get a bit beyond me now. Didn't fancy facing the wrath of her ladyship if I tried to duck out the concert, although once she had caught sight of Mr Boe my presence was superfluous apart from getting a halftime icecream. Still I enjoyed the show & the weather stayed fine unlike the other evening at Scarborough. Good job it happened up North, it would have been too much for us southern softies, still by all accounts the show in 40 mph winds, torrential rain & single figure temperatures was enjoyed by all.
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By TWrex
Sky commentators going on about Samit Patel's good form & reeling off his scores, they seem to have overlooked his last effort against the mighty bowling attack of Kent, & now he is out. The curse of the commentators, he isn't going to win the cup for Notts after all, so much the great the build up they gave him
I like Samit & will see him playing for the MCC against Afghanistan at Lord's, to compensate for not being there today on Tuesday week. Lot of stars in the MCC side & the new test boys are no mugs, could an interesting day's cricket.
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