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By gmdf
Vic Marks isn't a fan either:
No doubt we will eventually be assailed by the ECB about the “radical changes” of The Hundred, which will not convince those familiar with the game. All we are witnessing is a grim determination to be different, which is designed to satisfy the broadcasters and the counties not involved, who counter-intuitively are not too bothered if the Hundred fails to take off. All that concerns them is that they can sustain the success of the Blast, which is more likely with such a bizarre rival, while receiving their annual boost of £1.3m for not hosting The Hundred – assuming that promise is honoured.

Essentially cricket already has three fine formats, which work well. It does not need a fourth that increasingly seems to lack the simplicity that was, according to the ECB, supposed to appeal to “women and children”. The Hundred is an unnecessary gimmick especially since T20 cricket so obviously prospers - and is understood - all around the world. It may deliver quick cash from the TV deal; it will not enhance the game. Young English cricketers would welcome the chance to display their skills in the hope of lucrative contracts in the IPL and the Big Bash, playing in the proper short-form of the game. ... CMP=twt_gu
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By gmdf
This Tweet from Lizzie Ammon hits the nail on the head as to why few cricket fans will support the ECB's new competition:
Part of why Sport is such an important part of our lives is the agony and ecstasy of your team winning and losing I just can’t imagine ever feeling that about made up cricket teams with made up names and players who move teams every year
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By Tartan Cider
The franchise system in US sports renders loyal supporters redundant in cities miles away when they relocate as in the Brooklyn/LA Dodgers .. Money talks and it ceases to be about the community, supporters, the life blood becomes cold hard cash. I hope it never comes to pass.

I'm a traditionalist so although I watch T20 on TV I wouldn't practically travel from the Highlands to watch Somerset unless it was finals day. Strictly speaking making me a glory hunter which I'm not.

If they included a Scottish and Irish city i.e. expanding exposure of the format in the UK and Ireland beyond the ECB boundaries I might see the rationale, but then, as a Scot I know one of the main problems up here is kids just don't play the game in the summer any more so would they be attracted ! .. In my day we enjoyed cricket on terrestrial tv which embedded the game in the sporting calendar, well mine anyway. Now there is just too much choice on TV, a problem facing the ECB if they're not careful.
By rahulraj
A new city-based eight-team Twenty20 tournament has been given the go-ahead to start in 2020.

The proposals were approved by 38 of the 41 England and Wales Cricket Board members, with 15 first-class counties in support of the competition.

Essex and Middlesex were the only two counties to vote against the proposals, while Kent abstained from voting.
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By TWrex
Well I gave it a go, but lost the will to live, gave up sitting exams many years ago. Don't attend 20/20 so the 100 will not get me to the grounds. I enjoy watching the Blast on tv so will be an armchair spectator for the new comp. to see if it holds any interest for me.
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By chris
TWrex wrote: Sun Apr 28, 2019 12:00 pm Well I gave it a go, but lost the will to live, gave up sitting exams many years ago. Don't attend 20/20 so the 100 will not get me to the grounds. I enjoy watching the Blast on tv so will be an armchair spectator for the new comp. to see if it holds any interest for me.
Doubt you are the first to react that way, wonder what the ECB will learn from that.
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By gmdf
If you missed the Tuffers & Vaughan radio programme this week (or like me, can't stand it), you'll have missed Tom Harrison answering (i.e. 'failing to answer') questions about 'The 100'... Fed a succession of half-volleys he tried resolutely yo push them back up the pitch, but failed even to do that on occasion. 'DannyCricket' from 'Being Outside Cricket' has transcribed the whole programme...It's an interesting (meaning awful) read. You can - if you are feeling strong - read it here: ... ses-mouth/
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By TWrex
The sooner this tournament starts the better - The Blast is so boring. Mind you that last over Worcs. bowled must be some sort of record time wise.
No free to air highlights on 5 and no coverage on the BBC next year. Is this part of the plan to marginalise and phase out county cricket? Even Agnew has joined in now with his masterplan.
If the Blast goes better than the 100 I expect the 2021 Blast will be scheduled for February, the Hundred WILL draw bigger crowds it has been decreed by those in power.
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