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By EuroTaverner
So the tournament is now underway, and what have we learnt?

It certainly isn't anything like the failure that some predicted. As I expected, the crowds look largely similar to those for big-ground Blast games. Cricket was never going to conjure 20,000 people with no interest in cricket to go to a cricket match.

At the same time, crowds for the 50 over cup appear to have held up well, or in fact exceeded expectations. Somerset v Yorkshire tomorrow will be a full house, if the stupid rain goes away.

In the short to medium term, I don't expect anything major to happen. Next year's calendar will presumably look the same in terms of layout. On the basis that there will be unrestricted crowds from now on, it will be an interesting test in 2022. That will mean both Blast and Hundred games to be marketed. How does it work if you live in Birmingham? Do you just support the Birmingham Bears and Birmingham Phoenix as variations on the same thing, or pick one of them. We will see.

As for the game itself, I have only watched one, the opening match, as it was free to view on Sky through their YouTube channel, as are 4 other upcoming games. To me it's T16.4, what surprised me was how similar it is to the Blast. The Sky coverage is much the same as for the Blast. I have read some scathing comments about the BBC's coverage, but I don't have access to BBC TV.
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By TWrex
I have enjoyed the cricket, it's just a variation on T20. The off-field activities are not very different to T20. My prefernce is for the longer game, county & test plus the 1 dayers. Doesn't stop me enjoying the short games, played many such evening games myself in my long gone playing days years before T20 was even a twinkle in someone's eye (I'm 71 now). I can't find any terrible fault with the TV coverage, either Sky or BBC, they don't go too over the top which did seem likely with the early talk of having comedians commentating. One niggle, particularly from Sky, regular remarks about bring the 'new' over rate penalty into other limited domestic games. Well Sky have covered 2 Vitality Blast seasons with that very penalty being in place after being announced by the ECB in December 2019. The same applies to this season's Royal London Cup, they should really know this. Have followed & enjoyed the women's game for 20 plus years now and the standards are have & still are improving by leaps and bounds, providing plenty of quality watching.
By jiuer7845
By jiuer7845
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