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By johnwales
I was disgusted at the behaviour of the England players during the latest O D I against Sri Lanka.

There were several incidents of dropped catches and misfielding and the reaction of some England seniors was quite simply appalling. With recent off field events tarring the reputation of certain players, I would have thought the team would make every effort to behave in a decent manner at all times on field. But this was not the case, and it was disappointing to have to watch certain players behaving in this manner.
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By gmdf
For those of us who didn't see/weren't able to listen to the coverage of this game, can you be a bit more specific about what 'behaviour' you are referring to? Thanks.
By johnwales
Yes sure !! There was an instance when one of the young England fielders dropped a simple catch; which was not in any way going to be a 'lose the match ' act. One of the England senior players reacted in a very aggressive manner, demonstrating with mouth and arms his disgust at the fielders transgression. The England captain did nothing to address the situation .
I compare the situation where rugby player Freddie Burns missed a penalty in the front of the posts which would have won the game; and minutes later made a break to have a second chance of winning the game in injury time. As he crossed the line he raised his arm in celebration only to have the ball punched out of his grasp. Several of his team mates approached him to offer consolement.
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By gmdf
As a bowler (even at a very low level) I have a certain amount of sympathy with any bowler who sees a catch missed...But if it goes too far the Captain (and/or Coach) should have a word.
By johnwales
It went very far, and in my opinion brought the game into disrepute.
By windsurfone
games should maintain good social relationships and should not go this far
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