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By Alex
Welcome to the Glamorgan CCC Forum on View From The Boundary, please use this to discuss any relevant stories about the club or any gossip you have heard. Our aim is to unite all cricket fans and enable them to have a site where they can share their views and meet fans from all over the world. If you would like to be a part of that but you haven't registered yet you can do so by clicking here.

Check out and follow the Glamorgan VFTB Twitter account @VFTB_Glamorgan
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By johnjames
I am not a trained touch typist and only use one finger on each paw and slowly at that.

On a couple of occasions I have ponderously typed a comment and then received a red notice informing me that while I have been composing my deathless prose, someone else has posted a comment and I might like to reconsider, or words to that effect. This not only leaves me at a loss as to what to do but furious that I appear to be unable to post my humble effort, which seems to have disappeared into Room 101 or some other black hole never to see the light of day.

If there is some way to overcome this dilemma, I should be most grateful for some guidance but please bear in mind that I am computer illiterate.
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By Alex
If you click "post" again that should send your reply. Its just the system informing you that someone else has replied in the meantime.
By johnjames
Thank you Alex but that is exactly what I did but nothing happened save a severe increase in my blood pressure.
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By Alex
I've just tried it and it replied :-k
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By mav
Thank you Alex but that is exactly what I did but nothing happened save a severe increase in my blood pressure.

What I tend to do on fora flakier than this, is copy the post (as in highlight it then right click, copy) then if it goes south I start a new reply and paste.
By LankyShark
Not so much a “welcome” as a “departure”

Just wondering whether anyone knows anything about “Iron Mike”. He and I were the mainstays of the Word Association game for a few months and then he disappeared. Looking at his posts he seems to have disappeared from the whole board.

Any ideas anyone? I hope he is ok.

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