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By Neverout
A bit disappointed by the crowd yesterday . I think we would have had at least the same if not more, at a run of the mill four day match in August pre-pandemic.

I hope the club will put some effort into marketing the semi final and reduce the convoluted restrictions on ticket sales. Who knows we might then get a mention on the BBC or Walesonline !!!

I did notice the absence of more than a few faces who would be well-known to regulars at the Gardens. This could be an aversion to crowds from the vulnerable or something more sinister.

Last Saturday Cardiff City gave a lovely tribute to those we had lost during the pandemic. Perhaps the County could do the same and put those big screens from the Hundred to a productive use.

Just a thought.
By duckworthlewis
I wanted to go yesterday but couldn't get the day off work for it, so didn't get to check the ticket situation. However, by chance, something came up last minute and I did get to watch it via the stream. I heard them say on commentary that there was still crowd restrictions and ordering tickets etc - what on earth is going on ? It's pathetic. They'll probably lift all restrictions after the semi-final, just in time for the Welsh Fire to pull in 15,000 for their last game, hoping nobody notices they are out already.
I was wondering if there is a list available for the total attendances per club of the hundred teams?

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