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By eastsidedevil
Sounds like a falling out, not happy about missing the last game? Surely more to it than that?
By Neverout
He has been very poorly used this season, with few opportunities and no doubt looks on the signings of Weighell and Harris as a portent of his chances next season.

The whispers are that he was frustrated by not being afforded any clear communication of what was being required of him to nail down a place in the side and being unable to discuss the impact of the signing of Harris with any of the management .

Yet another whose progress has stalled in the last couple of years with Covid coming at a difficult time in their professional development.
By glamman
This has to be one of the worst events in the history of the current regime and should make members angry. His treatment during the championship period was dreadful, brought into the squad and then dumped having not done anything. He would have seen that he was ranked behind Hogan, TvdG, Neser, Weighell, Harris, Carey (even with all his issues) and Douthwaite. All had contracts for next season apart from Timm (who he would know would be signed if possible) and Harris (who has been signed). For that reason I don’t see Maynard being that bothered as to his mind he still has these better options. Personally I would select him as a bowler ahead of each of the latter four, but what do I know - not a lot according to many on this site :) .
I have not mentioned the fact he is Welsh. This was the right move for him and I can see him coming back and taking some wickets against us.
Of course there might have been non-playing issues, but I am not aware of anything significant. If the issue is he was unhappy at not playing then surely that should be the mindset of all the players- wanting to play.
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By glamman
eastsidedevil wrote: Mon Jul 26, 2021 6:31 pm Sounds like a falling out, not happy about missing the last game? Surely more to it than that?
I assume he had already decided to leave.
By Shamu
Important to keep a sense of perspective before eulogising Walker and his potential.
1) Has never played a First Class match with a red ball.
2) Has played 2 List A games and took 1 wicket (caught on the boundary).
3) Showed promise whilst playing 9 T20 games.

So, why would he be selected for Championship cricket ? Especially as second team performances have not pushed his case forward.
Is he an automatic pick in Royal London 50 overs ?

So, he’s a young man who wants to play more first team cricket, and Leics are able to offer him that.
Leicester (due to their finances) specialise in taking young players from other counties, who are striving to establish themselves in professional cricket. Consequently, they have a high turnover of cricketers who they subsequently discard. Once discarded by Leicestershire, there is literally no other County who would show interest.

I would question whether or not Walker has been badly advised ?
By glamman
The fact he has not been given a start in red ball cricket is the problem. If people think that the players selected ahead of him have more to offer - Weighell, Carey, Harris, Douthwaite - then his loss is not a problem. Personally I don’t think they do. Far tougher for seamers to bowl in T20 than CC and given how he performed, bowling with a bit more pace than the others, he deserved a start in the early red ball games.
By Shamu
Completely disagree.
Check the first class bowling records of the guys you name - and then check Walker’s.
Glamorgan were playing for divisional status and therefore have to put the best team on the park to win each game.

The time to blood inexperienced youngsters would be in September when there’s nothing left to play for, and it’s quite probable that Walker would have been given an opportunity then..
By glamman
And now he’s gone! As far as you’re concerned - “No great loss.”
With Weighell, Harris and Carey I’m sure you’re right.
By Shamu
I can’t be arsed to debate with idiots !

It’s Glamman’s way or no way - you really don’t do yourself any favours with some of the complete crap you post on here.

One word of advice before I move on - next time you wish to post something, take a deep breath and ask yourself the question : “Am I making a complete prat of myself here”. Sadly, to date, the answer is in the affirmative.
By exileKT8
Not wishing to intrude on a private debate but sorry Shamu you did make me smile

"Once discarded by Leicestershire, there is literally no other County who would show interest."

Unless your name is James Weighell and good old Glammy come calling.
By Shamu
Weighell was only a loanee at Leicestershire and was never a contracted player.

At least I’ve kept Glamman quiet for a while. :joy:
By hujon64
No one can dispute that Glamorgan have given opportunities to many at this point of two-thirds of the way through the season. With many games to go, informed decisions can be made on retention at the end of the season based on performances which seems fair. Walker has been promised games in all formats, a contract and probably a lot more money NOW so, of course, Leics will be more attractive than Glam who refuse to make such promises. Donald and Harris left for ‘greener grass’ with Donald hardly playing since and Harris who was on the verge of English selection stalling. I wish him well but may turn out to be a hasty, Ill-considered choice.
By glamman
Donald was beginning to establish himself in all formats at Hants before his ACL injury.

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