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By Neverout
Delighted to see that we are trying out the captaincy on young Kieran during the Hundred. I don't think I have seen him captain before in club\age-group cricket but a welcome long term thought from the club.

However, as a member, I was wondering if anyone on here could clarify for me how we are being compensated as a club for the loss of our chief executive , director of cricket and head coach for the tournament as well as the work they are doing for the franchise whilst employed by Glamorgan.

I am aware that the ecb stuffed every county's mouth with coin to to the tune of £1.3m pa to get the tournament approved in the first place, however they have always made clear that the franchises were a separate commercial entity merely leasing their home venues for the tournament.

I understand that there were contractual arrangements made for the player involvement but we seem to be the only venue committing so many senior managerial resources to the franchise.

Are these jobs being done at Glamorgan's expense or are we being compensated by either the individuals or the franchise for their time away from their jobs? There doesn't seem to be any transparency on this issue.

Using Glamorgan resources in this way must also alienate the supposed partner counties from an affinity with the franchise. The implementation of this arrangement appears to mirror the mistakes Welsh rugby made implementing regional rugby, alienating partners, limiting commercial opportunities and depriving the county side of playing and management resources leading to their long-term demise.

We were promised £65k per match as ground rent plus 30% of the ticket sales and hospitality. I look forward to seeing how much of that turns up in the accounts next year.

This would have been more than enough to appoint a separate liaison officer to work with the franchise to maximise revenues and leave the Glamorgan employees to look after the interests of the county and it's membership.
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By Neverout
Apologies for the multiple posts this morning. I am in part trying to keep the cricket topics afloat on the sea of Viagra.

I have noticed that whilst there have been several articles in the mainstream media about the forthcoming Hundred tournament, there has been next to nothing about the Royal London Cup or the completion of the T20 preliminaries, even yesterday's international match was barely mentioned.

Several other forums have mentioned that the dwindling number of specialist cricket correspondents have been told by ECB that access to England players for interview may be determined by how positive their coverage of the Hundred is.

Whilst I understand SKY shamelessly promoting it, I feel the BBC as a national broadcaster has a duty to cover all cricket properly on television not just promote the forthcoming tournament.
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By glamman
Appalling if true.

See Ingram down to bat 3 for the Oval team tonight. Have they not watched him playing recently? :doh:
By glamman
As expected, Ingram out with 17 from 17 balls - not good enough. Has trouble getting the ball off the square now. Just creates problems for other batsmen.
By exileKT8
I am no lover of the influence Agents have on modern sport but Ingram`s is playing a blinder this summer.
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By Neverout
Douthwaite's has earned his corn as well !

The only thing that made last night's coverage by the BBC seem remotely watchable was the entirely excreable commentary. Not much there to attract me down, even with my free tickets, I'm afraid.
By duckworthlewis
As much as i love cricket, I haven't watched it much on tv for years unless there has been some sort of Glamorgan interest, so tuned in earlier to watch Brum v London on the basis Chris Cooke was playing. Found it a quite enjoyable few hours.
By glamman
Probably nothing wrong with it but I do not see any difference between the start of the Hundred and the splash that came with the start of the T20. All the same Razzamatazz, just fewer teams. Some fairly ordinary players making the 1st XIs (I think it is still an XI but might just need to check) because of Covid and will soon see the England players withdrawn. Only plus is some games on BBC but otherwise a huge waste of money that could have been spent in much better ways.
By glamman
The commentary team for the women's game this afternoon were mystified by the use of spin rather than seam at the start of the Braves' innings. Clearly a Glamorgan input :)
A token Welsh presence with Alex Hartley batting at 10 and not getting to bowl. Unfortunately she also droppped their top scoring batsperson.

No Welsh in the men's fire again. Must be the only team with noone from the home county ground participating.
By Shamu
The only Welsh born player was Alex Griffiths 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

Please check your facts before posting !
By glamman
Shamu wrote: Tue Jul 27, 2021 7:09 pm The only Welsh born player was Alex Griffiths 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

Please check your facts before posting !
My mistyping. Embarrassing as I watched her play as a kid. She still did not take any real part in the game. Am I wrong?
By caergybi
The 100 not popular in Wales? Over 11,000 at Nottingham last night; similar sized city hosting tonight but seems a few less. Shame no locals in team unlike other franchises; should have got more than 165 tonight.
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