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By Vetchetarian
glamman wrote: Sun Aug 22, 2021 6:59 pm
Vetchetarian wrote: Sun Aug 22, 2021 6:09 pm
glamman wrote: Sun Aug 22, 2021 5:49 pm My daughter played cricket for Wales so I know about female cricketers. Being a girl does not excuse poor basic skills if you are playing in such a high profile competition
Good for her, and she kind of makes my point.
There were no obstacles. She played with the boys and had to perform to their standard. I am sure that would be the case with most of the girls performing in the Hundred.
No girls teams around then ? If so, wouldn't that be a kind of an obstacle ?
By glamman
Not really. Welsh girls team. I think if you speak to the women playing for England they will all tell you they grew up playing with the boys and that only enhanced their skill development. As we have seen in the Hundred, there just aren't enough top quality women players to enable the top performers at club level to progress.
For hockey it is slightly different as there are a lot more girls playing, but again it can help the top girls excel if they play with the boys on occasions.
By Neverout
Interesting tea time interview on T.M.S. yesterday with the chief executive of Surrey . Although vigorously opposed to the Hundred Surrey have gone all out to embrace the concept and make it a springboard to further develop their county side. His main takeaways from the season were;

That a large part of the financial benefits of the Hundred to Surrey will be substantially offset by a decline in T 20, R.L.C.and championship revenues due to the scheduling arrangements.

He thought the demographic of the spectators was largely the same as Surrey achieved on their T20 matches due to their previous emphasis on family attendees and expanding their membership over recent years.

He was critical of the marketing of the Hundred as falling between two stools. If a new family audience were the target then all the matches should have been on weekends and so many of the Surrey membership had been made to feel unwanted by the campaigns in the media.

He wanted the R.L.C. to be returned to a knock out format including the eighteen minor counties in the first round. He made the excellent point that under this season's arrangements none of the top English professionals would be given the opportunity to play in a 50 over competition despite this being the World Cup format.

All in all it was nice to hear the thinking, planning and strategy behind developing a forward looking county, including expanding the membership, developing community links and looking after the players welfare, which he felt was threatened by the scheduling of the English season.

It was nice to hear a sensible series of opinions on how to move forward positively from where cricket in this country now finds itself

I cannot find a link to the interview on bbc sounds.
By glamman
There used to be 2 competitions running alongside CC and JPL. The Gillette cup which was knockout and the Benson & Hedges which was a first round consisting I think of leagues with 4 counties in each and the top two going into a KO phase. Must be remembered that all these games were mixed in. Cannot have counties getting knocked out in the first round and then not having any games for a few weeks.
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