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By hujon64
Spoke to a friend last night who told me about his neighbour’s 13 year old grandson who attends state school and I find this very sad/unfair. He is very talented playing in County sides from a young age and now in a new Regional Pathway side. From these the Wales side is chosen and is now managed by Glamorgan in order to identify talent early and develop it with a view to future players. Glam has also some agreement with Monmouth Public school where Steve James coaches. Recent trials were held at Monmouth School and lo and behold ALL the Monmouth boys got in with staff/coaches at the school being on the selection panel. The lad/parents who are not rich and have made sacrifices are very unhappy as this lad has played alongside the ‘chosen’ youngsters at County and Club level with much better competitive averages, which appear to have been ignored. I’m disappointed in Wallace, a state school product, as surely the whole process should be seen to be fair without wealthy parents being able to ‘buy’ a cap. Apparently, there are a lot of parents in similar situations angry. Lad is very talented footballer in Academy but when clashed chose cricket. Thinking of continuing with cheaper sport now. Any comments or advice to ensure a fair process please.
By Shamu
Unfortunately, it’s a fact of life that every parent of a talented young sportsman/woman believe their child to be better than they actually are. Experienced coaches will look at many factors (performance stats being only 1 element) when making a judgement call on selection. Non-selection at a young age can be devastating to those affected.
It is an important part of coaching that feedback is given on specifics as to what influenced their decision making and how the child can improve.
Whilst the private schools generally offer better facilities, if the child is with a good club, with good practice and playing facilities this would level the playing field.
One important area where significant development gains can be made at this age is to practice and play with boys a couple of years older.
There has been some financial support available to talented young sportspeople to assist with equipment and travelling costs and the pathway coaches should be approached for more details.
To gain a scholarship to a private school, the child would need to be exceptional amongst his sporting peers at a national level, and from experience, this is not necessary for a child to reach their full potential.
Yes, it’s a fact that the majority of professional cricketers have been privately educated at some point, but this is more of a reflection on the lack of cricket being played in state schools.
With Glamorgan now overseeing the Wales age groups and pathways, there is far less chance of talent being overlooked or failing to progress through lack of financial support.
I am firmly of the belief that if the child has the talent, drive, resilience and physical attributes then the development opportunities will be offered to enable them to reach their full potential.

Finally, don’t despair. The cream will always rise to the top.
By hujon64
Thanks for your ‘wise’ input Shamu. Fortunately, I only have a granddaughter who’s not really interested in sport so I can’t speak from experience. However, have had a look at the Pathway Steps and Welsh Age groups info on here. They seem to have started some kind of roll of honour highlighting notable achievements in matches, which I suppose would have been beneficial to the lad I mentioned as he would have been fully on the radar. Forgot to mention that the Monmouth School Cricket coach’s son got in which, I think, is what’s causing part of the fuss as he was a selector and, probably, shouldn’t have been to ensure impartiality. Also, all the triallists just got a list of those selected with no other input. However, not my battle to fight so no more from me. Just sounds a bit dodgy. Good to see Lancashire 74 for 4 at lunch but let’s not go overboard yet!
By glamman
I would agree with Shamu. Would make no sense for the Wales system to ignore talent - they want to identify the best players.

At the age of 13, the boys who score runs and take wickets can be the ones who have started puberty earlier and are physically bigger. They may not be the most "talented". It is important for the people who are trying to identify talent to be able to recognise this. Not an easy task but given the fact that only one or two players in each Wales age group side will ever move on to play for Glamorgan, it is unlikely that those players will be missed. Plenty of opportunity to make your mark at 15 or 17 so if you want it, don't give up. Glamorgan won't care where you are from if you score runs or take wickets.

If a talented footballer then I would suggest looking at Shrewsbury School who have an excellent reputation for football and cricket and award sports scholarships. However most of the Glamorgan players not from public schools. A number of Welsh cricketers have gone there for 6th form.

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