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By glamman
Much better from Cooke. Shame he couldn’t reach 50. Assume will see him again in the 50 over competition.
Good platform. This pitch is getting flatter and with plenty of time left this is very gettable. Need to take every run available.
By glamman
I for one will be very disappointed if we do not go on and win this now. I really do not see why more runs have not been scored. Just need to be patient as ball not really coming onto the bat that well. Not much in it for the bowlers so most batsmen have got themselves out. Not to say there haven't been some good bowling performances from Neser and Mahmood.
Good opening stand has set us up well. Hopefully Cooke will get a bit of confidence from this knock, especially if we go on and win.
Labuschange going at a run a ball just seems to be able to manoeuvre the ball wherever he wants in order to get off strike. Expect him to see this through. Ed Bevan not sure why Parkinson did not bowl more but was going at nearly 5 an over off his first 4 overs so could not afford to leak runs at that rate.
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By Sir_Wellsmote
unfortunately, i was out on a long bike ride yesterday and missed the entire day's play .... rubbish telephone battery

just checked in this morning to see that we are in the driving seat

was fully expecting lancashire to be on 300 for 4 or some such

not too much mention of our bowling here .... i assume we bowled really well or did they bat like crap again?

how i wish we had neser for longer
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By Sir_Wellsmote
also seen that alex davies is grumbling almighty about the state of the pitch

looked fine to me on day one ........ falling over your stumps to get out LBW can happen on any pitch

on that note, i notice that root got another lbw .... needs some lessons from hogan ..... with this nice view from over the bowlers arm, you can see how many of our batsmen are getting so far across their stumps .... even starting there... i dislike this new fangled guard on off stump
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By Shamu
Neser did bowl an excellent spell after lunch, but he was ably assisted by some woeful Lancs batting who, as a batting unit seemed convinced that it was a poor wicket. I don’t recall one dismissal where blame could be apportioned to the wicket.
It was very noticeable that Marnus adopted a leg stump guard for the second innings (possibly to negate the impact that umpire Baldwin had on the game with his LBW’s).
As for comments attributed to Davies, well he’s just a dour, vertically challenged Lanky who knows that by pointing the finger of blame at the umpire he would get himself into trouble, so blames the pitch.
It has to be said that the overall standard of batting in this game has been poor (as indeed it was during the Kent game).
Good batsmen find a way on such wickets as Marnus has demonstrated in his modified approach.
As for Root - his back foot technique is just asking for trouble as he jumps all over the place when the ball is at his body. This needs to be remedied as all teams will now target this area.
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By glamman
Agree with everything especially Root.
The pitch for the Kent game was far more culpable than this one. Just not a great pitch but not favouring either batsmen or bowlers. If you play sensibly you can score runs allbeit slowly.
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By Sir_Wellsmote

i just realized i could watch the entire second day's play on youtube... i could have even watched it unspoiled :(

i really don't see the gremlins in this pitch

i think lancs are just a bit miffed that they didn't score 400 plus as usual

there have been some rotten shot choices by both teams and at least 4 of the lbw calls have been suspect to put it mildly

about time county cricket got the benefits of the review system ....
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By Sir_Wellsmote
labuschagne is batting totally differently this innings ... has stopped walking over to off stump

hope i haven't put the mockers on him but doesn't look like a walking LBW at the moment

edit ... i notice that shamu already mentioned that change
By notgoingoutreprise
On such a sub standard pitch how come Mahmood didn't even bowl today? If the boot was on the other foot I would have been rather annoyed if our best bowlers were not bowling from the start
By hujon64
Great result with Labuschagne and Neser showing class and justifying the Maynard and Wallace signings. Also, team holding their nerve - shock to Lancs who should be humble and praise Glam for a fine win but choose to blame the pitch! Wish there were a few more CC games to watch instead of T20 as we’re doing well overall.
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By Vetchetarian
Nick_Glam wrote: Sat Jun 05, 2021 12:49 pm A fine result against a very strong team.

Labuschagne showing that we were right not to drop him!!! :lol
Was he ever being threatened with being dropped, then ? I must have missed that article/discussion.
By exileKT8
Well done Glammy beating a Lancs side who had just beaten Yorks heavily and were the Form County. Not very gracious of Davies, what I read he was also criticising the Umpires as well as the pitch. Still he is not of concern. Usually any County sides success is linked to their overseas, with Marnus finding some form I think our 2 are as good as any, shame the rain has prevented seeing more of them.
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By Sir_Wellsmote
i am not unhappy with yorkshire getting the win

i think the realistic best we could have done was the 3rd / 4th bracket and mid table seems about right for us though we look like almost a top 2 side with neser in the team

will be very happy if we avoid the basement division (which is where i expected to land) ... much more competitive this season despite some of the same concerns in the top order
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