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By glamman
Vetchetarian wrote: Thu Jun 03, 2021 3:56 pm
glamman wrote: Thu Jun 03, 2021 3:47 pm A good bowling display with no late order heroics from Lancs. Douthwaite picks up a couple of fortuitous wickets at the end but always better to be lucky than good.
Hopefully we can see a good top order batting display. Cooke will need runs in this game if he is to feature much in the latter half of the season.
You seem incapable of ever posting anything positive about Douthwaite, or Cooke, the opener.
Yet our Australian batting failure escapes unscathed.

Anyway, a good bowling effort by Glam. to restrict Lancs to 173.
Our batsmen will now probably undo most of the bowlers good work. Lancs aren't top dogs for nothing.
I have made plenty of positive comments about Douthwaite's batting, a skill I think he is a good exponent of. However I don't think he is a very good bowler. Just my opinion if you would allow me to have one?

Cooke has been fortunate to have had this run. With scores so far this season of 0, 0*, 15, 5, 6, 10 and 6*, he has an average of 8.4 - a calculation I can do in my head! That isn't good even by Glamorgan standards.

Labuschagne has some runs in the bank. Given that Australia are unlikely to drop him, I think it is worth Glamorgan sticking with him for the present. However I would rather see Neser playing in the T20s than Labuschagne, particularly if he does not score runs in this match.
By glamman
Some indifferent batting. This pitch does not look like one that warrants these scores. Hopefully Douthwaite will confirm my faith in his batting!
By JamesH
Having seen the replays, it looks like two shocking decisions against Marnus (outside the line) and Carlson (high and down leg).
By glamman
JamesH wrote: Thu Jun 03, 2021 6:28 pm Having seen the replays, it looks like two shocking decisions against Marnus (outside the line) and Carlson (high and down leg).
Yes. Not sure what umpires are thinking. Problem is that they have people's careers in their hands.
By glamman
Poor captaincy by Cooke as we have stopped going after wickets. Easiest way to keep the total down is to get them out quickly.
By glamman
They are 149/8 and we are having trouble getting the 9th wicket. If Salter has any role in this game surely it is now? I am beginning to have reservations about Cooke's captaincy.
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By Jehosaphat
Only need 188 to win. Very difficult to score the highest total of a match to win, but we shall see. It would be great to beat Lancashire though.
By glamman
This pitch just does not look that bad. Can't quite understand why scores so low. Good bowling but some pretty soft dismissals. Although it will be the highest total in the game it is still just a day 2 pitch and is perfectly possible if we bat well. A big if!
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By Vetchetarian
Well, well ! I turn my back for a couple of hours, and miss the carnage.
Lancs were 60 odd for one, when I left the scene.
Upon my return Glam batting, and looking pretty good.
However, I stopped counting chickens where Glam are concerned a long time ago.

Hopefully, Labuschagne is in negotiations with his Bank to release some of the runs they are holding for him. 😁
By glamman
Don’t see this pitch as being one you score <200 on. I remain optimistic but am prepared to be disappointed. Hoping Cooke proves me wrong and gets a big one. I certainly don’t want him to fail.
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