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By Sir_Wellsmote
how is the weather looking?

i would rather watch a bit of cricket (at least while lloyd and carson are at the crease) than hope for a rainy draw .............. it's not like the result matters that much
By glamman
Light showers throughout the day. Not raining very hard and stops every so often. I guess it will depend how keen the umpires are to get out there as it will be a 50:50 call starting. Agree it would be good seeing Lloyd and Carlson cementing there good start to the season, but for squad moral, it is good to keep accumulating points. Would be nice to get into the middle of the three divisions which will form after the first stage of the competition.
Given the problems England are having with the opening slot, I think it is criminal if they aren't having a good look at Lloyd. Perhaps needs that 3 figure score to really make that step up?
By glamman
For people desperate to watch some cricket (includes me) with some Glamorgan interest, then you can watch Leinster Lightning v Northern Knights on You Tube. Balbirnie playing for Leinster and Jeremy Lawlor playing for the Knights.
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By Sir_Wellsmote
irish cricket is great .....pitch is wonderful ... like a proper club cricket field replete with rickety scoreboard

wish they were wearing whites though
By Shamu
“Given the problems England are having with the opening slot, I think it is criminal if they aren't having a good look at Lloyd.”

Perhaps it may be a good move to stay clear of the magic mushrooms ?

Do you genuinely think that England would look at a makeshift opener who averages under 30 in first class cricket ?
By glamman
What is more important is what he is doing at the moment. The average reflects performances over a 9 year period and we know he had a slow start to his career and has picked it up tremedously over the last 4-5 years. Would be interested to know what his average is for that period.
By glamman
With an inspection now planned for 3pm surely this game must end in a draw. Even we cannot collapse that quickly, can we?
By glamman
Another well-deserved 50 from Carlson. Can't be said they are "2nd division runs". I hope this format for the Championship stays.

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