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By glamman
The return fixture starts today. I am surprised that Lloyd and Cooke aren't playing, Cooke as maybe just a batsman, given how little cricket they played during the 100. As so often in this fixture, Gloucs fielding a strong side, particularly batting wise. Weather set fair this week.
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By Sir_Wellsmote
Great job to bowl em out for such a low score

That was a near first team Gloucester batting line up

Going by his stats... Reingold seems rather more suited to the longer form
By glamman
Sir_Wellsmote wrote: Tue Aug 24, 2021 5:39 pm smith looks really sharp in the highlight videos

excellent knock too ... proper cricket shots
Not a surprise. Opened the batting for Wales and West of England at under 15.

Good from Reingold too - batted 252 balls for his 95 and held things together. Can definitely see him being given a longer contract given our top order problems.
By glamman
Not sure if people editing the Glamorgan website have any interest in cricket. Nothing about the 2s game that finished today given it was the only cricket being played by Glamorgan this week.

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