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By Vetchetarian
glamman wrote: Thu May 06, 2021 1:44 pm
Vetchetarian wrote: Thu May 06, 2021 1:34 pm
glamman wrote: Thu May 06, 2021 1:00 pm Lloyd should soon start attracting interest from the England set up. They are crying out for a stroke playing opener.
I suspect the selector's would have to be drowning in their tears before selecting Glamorgan's Lloyd. Unless, of course, they see him as the proverbial straw.
He's made a fine start to the season, let's hope he continues to impress.
So far this season he has scored 344 Championship runs (including today) at an average of 49. Plus some wickets. Has scored those runs in a way that puts pressure on the bowlers. Must raise some interest if he continues. Ideally can reach 3 figures at some point.
You don't have to sell him to me. My post was a little tongue in cheek, but based on historical indifference towards Glam players down the years.
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By Sir_Wellsmote
i missed the lloyd dismissal ... only caught the score sheet this morning

how bizarre was it?

lloyd is doing so well up top ... i really hope he makes a huge score soon ..... either way, this appears to be the first time that converting a middle order batsman to opener has paid off for us in years .... i am still shuddering at the thought of poor jack murphy taking his guard
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By Sir_Wellsmote
quite i thought that root dismissal looked quite a bit high

not sure the batsmen get much benefit of the doubt these days .... seems most every appeal is a gimme
By glamman
Sir_Wellsmote wrote: Fri May 07, 2021 11:11 am quite i thought that root dismissal looked quite a bit high

not sure the batsmen get much benefit of the doubt these days .... seems most every appeal is a gimme
Hit him well outside off. As you say umpires default position seems to be to give batsmen out on the basis it might have been clipping the stumps. Not a good enough reason in my book. Bit like guilty and not guilty verdicts - better to err on the side of not out. Bowler always can get him out next ball.
By glamman
The way the ball is seaming around this morning, the selection of Salter and only two frontline seamers looks a bit strange.
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By Sir_Wellsmote
it is going to be a weather affected draw isn't it?

not sure if professional cricket should be allowed north of say ... middlesbrough ....it is like an entirely different continent up there ... pure arctic
By glamman
Excellent from Douthwaite and Taylor. However still seem to be a bowler light. As has already been mentioned on this site, I think Douthwaite should bat ahead of Taylor and I could see him at 5/6.
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By Sir_Wellsmote

i think he is definitely a batting all rounder ..... he is playing extremely responsibly this season especially coming in at 8 when players tend to bat more like bowlers .... i also think he will end up a few places higher in the line up ... has an upper middle order look about him

edit .... i will refrain from complimenting players in future ... never goes very well
By glamman
Commentator's curse! Trapped on the crease plumb.

300+ against this attack in tricky conditions and having to go on and off the field is a good effort. Just need to do it consistently.

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