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By eastsidedevil
Are we foreseeing any changes in the side? Any news on Selman who didn’t take to the field at all on Sunday? If he’s injured it leaves a big problem - I imagine Cullen would come in but not sure who would open?
By glamman
Have not heard anything about Selman. Assume if he is out then Jo Cooke would open.
Not sure if McIlroy did enough to keep his place. Weighell might therefore come in. Walker had reasonable figures in the 2s last week so as there is no 2nd team game, he might come into the squad.
By glamman
13 man squad much as predicted with McIlroy out with an injury. That makes it easier to replace him, probably with Weighell.
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By Sir_Wellsmote

have a full day of cricket to watch for today and the next few days ..

currently watching the sheffield shield final ... michael neser is looking terrific... can't wait to have him on board. .... and what a lovely venue they are playing at

i am 6 hours ahead of wales so glamorgan kick offs are 5.00 pm for me ... just perfect

i hear the weather is clement in cardiff too :)
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By glamman
1 Celsius here in Cardiff at 7am but forecast is good and with the sun out yesterday it felt very pleasant and warmer than forecast temperature. Certainly a lot more comfortable than Leeds last week.
Hopefully potential shown last week can be built upon and great to hear Neser looking good. 5/27 are good figures in anyone’s books.
Also hoping Weighell will make a good start and Smith should be available in a couple of weeks if his rehab goes well.
By Ger27
Good to see Queensland doing well.

I may have misheard, but I'm sure it was said on commentary last week that the two Australians won't be playing until the fifth CC game of the season.
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By Sir_Wellsmote
oh boy .... 0 for 1

Selman averaging 1.2 this season ...

he needs to play straighter .... lost count of the number of LBW appeals against him ... successful and nearly successful
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By glamman
Sir_Wellsmote wrote: Thu Apr 15, 2021 11:03 am oh boy .... 0 for 1

Selman averaging 1.2 this season ...
Pretty ordinary dismissal. Perfectly straight ball that he just played around. No issues with the decision - plumb!

Also pretty ordinary pictures on my feed. OK from the sides but contrast terrible from behind the bowler. Wonder if Glamorgan will get something right today?
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By Sir_Wellsmote
did we release charlie hemphrey ?

not that he is any better up top ......we haven't had a dependable opening bat since steve james.
By glamman
Sir_Wellsmote wrote: Thu Apr 15, 2021 11:18 am did we release charlie hemphrey ?

not that he is any better up top ......we haven't had a dependable opening bat since steve james.
Hemphrey was contracted but was deemed this season as not being England-qualified. This has implications as to qualify for a significant financial pay out from the ECB we have to play on average 9 England-qualified players throughout the season. With 2 overseas allowed now that meant Hemphrey would not be able to play when Neser and Labuschagne here. From his point of view, the frustration is that he will be England-qualified next season. The ECB would not move.
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By Sir_Wellsmote
thanks for clarification

balbirnie seemed to be beaten for pace there ... might have nipped back a little but not much

ollie robinson should be shot ....along with the overtons
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