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By Nick_Glam
glamman wrote: Sat Apr 10, 2021 7:14 am We need to set them one first. Certainly looks like being a result and looks 50:50 at the moment. Need Root and Cooke to stick around as we cannot rely on the tail again.
Well, obviously. Hence the content of my post.
By glamman

Pitch looks pretty placid after the new ball and don't expect it to get any more difficult tomorrow so maybe a draw most likely. Cannot expect Yorkshire to bat so badly again (can they?)

The loss of the 2 main Yorkshire seamers making things a bit easier for our batsmen - fingers crossed. Us having Neser, Hogan, TvdG, Smith, McIlroy, Douthwaite, Carey and Walker is necessary and all likely to get a run unless we are very lucky with injuries.
By Nick_Glam
A fine morning for us and hopefully the weather doesn't affect things too much.

Whatever the result though, good to see us being much more competitive than expected.
By glamman
Agreed. Whatever happens in this game the performance so far has to give a huge confidence boost to the dressing room with the knowledge that Labuschagne and Neser are to come. Everyone doing their bit.
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By glamman
Disappointing that the loss of 2 sessions today is going to deprive us of any chance of a win. Draw looked the most likely result on this pitch but we will never know now.
Questions over the top 3 and I am worried what this move to the top of the order might do to Lloyd. It has not ended well for players over the last 10 years who have been asked to become openers. Lloyd had become a banker at 4. Different game when you come in with the ball 20 overs old.
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By Vetchetarian
Crying shame that the weather has intervened to save Yorkshire the humiliating prospect of losing to Glamorgan. :)

Whatever happens tomorrow, the players can hold their heads high.

The top 3 batsmen dilemma continues, and one must feel for Lloyd, as he's not an opener.
Selman never inspires me, and the jury is out on Balbirnie.
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By glamman
I guess the problem is that with the focus on white ball cricket, especially T20, quality openers are few and far between. I am not sure we are the only county with this problem. What kid sees batting all day with a strike rate of 50 as their cricketing ambition?
Australia combat this by having 2 day club games spread over 2 week ends so if you are out first ball you spend a lot of time doing nothing as a batsman. It's all about incentives.
By hujon64
Excellent start for our new look team with the two Australians to come in. Fighting for places is a good thing with second team looking competitive, too. I’m told Glamorgan have only won once before at Headingley so it’s a shame that we’ve had this freak snow as it could have been a great start. As Glamman said, openers nowadays are a problem.
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By Sir_Wellsmote
posting at lunch .....

bloody terrific stuff mun
surprised people are not talking more .... it's all rather exciting even if it ends up a bit of a squib

congrats to root and cook and the opening bowling pair looked rather handy
By glamman
Douthwaite does have the happy knack of taking wickets in between some liquorice allsorts.

I have been a bit disappointed by McIlroy who has also been rather erratice with his line and length. Need to build some pressure on this pitch which is still pretty benign.
By glamman
Not a great bowling display this afternoon from Glamorgan. To make matters worse they are currently -3 on the over rate. Not helped by keep having to keep recovering the ball from beyond the boundary rope. To lose valuable points because you cannot get your act together on the field is criminal. I thought with the departure of Wagg these situations would be a thing of the past.
By glamman
The negative over rate means that we have to bowl Root and Taylor who have bowled far too many boundary balls and taken the pressure right off the batsmen. Cooke has to take responsibility for this mess.
By glamman
Petering out now. Overall an excellent first match, earning a draw against a strong Yorkshire side. Did the most with the resources we have. Potential problems in taking 20 wickets was shown today and the vulnerability of our top 3. Assuming everyone is fit for Thursday the only change I would forsee is Weighell in for McIlroy. Do not know how Carey and Walker bowled for the 2s this week, although Carey certainly had a good game with the bat against Somerset. However that is not a factor when selecting a bowler.

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