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By glamman
Lloyd in for Carey in a squad of 13.
Assume Lloyd will replace Morgan.
I hope TvdG replaces Wagg.
No Hogan.
Main bowlers will be De Lange, Smith, Sisodiya and Salter. Douthwaite and Wagg have been too inconsistent and expensive and I feel TvdG will be a much better option with Douthwaite or Lloyd available if needed.
By glamman
Just watched the interview with Maynard:
"There may be another couple of changes that may surprise the players and fans. We need to change something up."

Not sure what other options are available that will be a surprise. The one thing I can think of is a different opening partnership - maybe Smith and Lloyd?? Whatever it is, hopefully it will be successful.
By glamman
Hopefully not too much of a surprise to the players. Ideally they might be consulted about these changes before they walk out on the field. :doh:
By glamman
Wagg omitted. Morgan playing and Douthwaite out. Not sure if that counts as a surprise or whether it is still to come?
By glamman
Shame about the last over.
Now down to the batting.
Slightly suprised that Morgan or Taylor did not bowl a couple of overs.
By Jenks33
13 off that last over could be crucial. This reminds me of that Surrey match at the oval. Thought we were well in the game when they posted 140 and I think we were about 9 for 3 and it was pretty much game over. Hope I’m wrong
By exileKT8
Don`t get this promotion of De Lange, once again hasn`t worked and the loss of an extra wicket puts Bears on top and once again puts more pressure on the young batsmen coming in thereafter/
By glamman
Morgan's selection for the T20 team made little sense and I'm afraid 7 off 17 balls isn't good enough.
By glamman
Think it's all over with Balbirnie's dismissal. Might argue that we allowed them to score too many.
By Ger27
So that's the end of this season. At least we had something to play for in September this time round!

Disappointing for Hemphrey to see he has been rele[…]