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By Bubbles
I think we are at the lowest point we can possibly be.
As one of my salesman used to say " You can't pull your socks up if you don't have any on".
I think it is time that we looked at our structure long term and came up with a plan to improve our playing strengths from the bottom up.
We have the cricket pathway which will hopefully unearth the better youngsters but I feel that we could still be doing more.
We need to cast our net further and look to employ scouts in designating areas to eek out players who could suit the bill and look to develop them. I know we used to include players in second team games but did not have too much luck.
What youngsters are doing well at minor county level and have not been offered terms by other counties. We should employ somebody to source all this information and feedback. This could be done by a computer expert and then send our scouts out to look.
We could run a cricket for those who want to play first class cricket and see what's out there.
We need to think outside the box and come up with something that will show at least we are trying to come up with answers instead of continually saying that the cupboard is bare.
Lets turn a negative into a positive. :clap: :clap:

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