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By Nick_Glam
glamman wrote: Wed Sep 02, 2020 2:18 pm That would be fine if they were youngsters. However Morgan is 26, Hemphrey is 31, Cullen is 28, Bull is 25, Selman is 24, Smith is 26. Those who are going to be good enough should be set by this age. Of these the only one who might get in another county side is Smith.
Of course most of our players wouldn't get a game for another county. They are wastrels. :)

But we have used plenty of young players - batsmen especially - as the season has gone on.

There aren't exactly a posse of talented 21-year-olds in the squad who are just waiting to be called upon.
By glamman
Shamu wrote: Wed Sep 02, 2020 4:35 pm Ruaidri Smith has played 30 First Class games since his debut in 2013.He averages 34 with the ball (just over 2 wickets per game) and 17 with the bat with 2 x fifties (which by Glamorgan standards is ok ish).
Can’t think of many counties who’d wish to accommodate his stats / injury record.

2021 will be a crucial season for Smith (a) to stay fit through a run of games and (b) to improve his stats.
Good to see Smith back - the fact he has come back into the team so quickly I think shows how much they want him to play, especially in T20. The hamstring injury is something that can happen to anyone. His T20 stats have been very good the last 2 years given that early on his economy rate was nearer 10. On Thursday he clocked 86mph which is quick enough. I thiink they are going to have to entice him to stay sooner rather than later as he must be a lfight risk after his contract ends next season. The posting of the offer of £160,000/year to Craig Overton (if true) might cause some issues.

Disappointing for Hemphrey to see he has been rele[…]