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By glamman
Nick_Glam wrote: Sun Aug 23, 2020 6:29 pm A better effort from the bowlers in the final session, but probably too little too late. Earlier on Hogan bowled too wide and de Lange did indeed bowl too short.

If Bull doesn't have an injury, then it doesn't exactly say a lot for him that he only bowled 5 overs in a lengthy innings.
Bull has been a bit disappointing. Hopefully sticking with him will bring results but at the moment he is too inconsistent. Wants to give the ball air but bowls too many full tosses.
By exileKT8
Bull`s contribution thus far, 0 with the bat although he did last 21 deliveries, 0 for 20 odd off 5 overs then Carlson and Taylor used, apparently spills a regulation catch off Thurston on 99.

OK lets use these games to give him a run, love to a Welsh player come through but is he a better option than the Salter ? who at least can bat and field
By glamman
I think Bull is seen as someone who is better suited to 4 day cricket, giving the ball a bit more air. Salter tends to fire it in a bit more. However he has not shown himself to give any more than Labuschagne will if he comes back.

Hogan and TvdG have bowled well this morning.
By Nick_Glam
Our batsmen are nothing is not reliable! :lol

A creditable fightback from the bowlers, I suppose, but they bowled very poorly for the first half of the innings.
By Jenks33
42 for 7. The most depressing thing is I’m not surprised in the slightest.
I’m interested to know peoples views on this. Since the days of James, Morris, Maynard etc why have glamorgan generally been so bad? I know we don’t have the money to compete with most other counties but the lack of quality local players coming through in the last 15 years has been shocking. Is it simply because the local cricket leagues in wales are so poor compared to the local leagues in Yorks, Lancs, Midlands etc? So the step up to county cricket for these players is just too much.
By glamman
I remember a discussion on the previous chat site with Stewart Walters where it was felt that young Welsh players are not helped in their development by the pitches they play on. Club grounds - even the best - tend to be slow and low and it is not great for batsmen or bowlers. Sophia Gardens is not much better.

However that is no excuse for some of the batting performances we have seen. I can remember Welsh age-group coaches working on the most important shot for top order batsmen - the leave!
By glamman
Some more clean hitting, this time from De Lange and Douthwaite. Saved the batsmen's blushes.

The T20 batting looks OK - not sure what the order will be.
By glamman
glamman wrote: Mon Aug 24, 2020 5:24 pm Some more clean hitting, this time from De Lange and Douthwaite. Saved the batsmen's blushes.

The T20 batting looks OK - not sure what the order will be.
Unfortunate rush of blood from Douthwaite.
By Jenks33
Northants must feel sick. They had us 135 for 9 in the first innings and 60 for 8 second innings. They should have wrapped this up long ago.
By Nick_Glam
The situation with our batting lineup is rather comical at the moment.

I'm sure the batsmen have been kind of happy to see Hogan, TvdG and de Lange scoring some runs in the past couple of games. It's a little embarrassing how lopsided the scorecards are though...

Disappointing for Hemphrey to see he has been rele[…]