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By glamman
Maynard’s comments today talk about Cooke and Byrom competing for opener slot alongside Lloyd. Looks like Selman released.
I don’t see Cooke as an opener. Plenty of chances this year and not shown he has the game. Runs just in last game where he played at a lot of wide balls before scoring some runs.
By Ger27
You would have thought they would have given Byrom or J.Cooke one of the opening spots in the last few games of the season, if that's the plan for next year. Weird.
By glamman
Selman leaving. Not clear if he was offered a new contract. Is 26 so should have moved on but I don't see Joe Cooke as an opening batsmen so everything rests on Byrom. Has to be said that Selman was integral to winning the RL cup and has done a reasonable job opening in T20.

Nick Webb's article states that the only contracts left unresolved are those of Andrew Salter, Tom Cullen and Joe McIlroy. I have not seen anything regarding TvdG and Joe Cooke - did I miss something?
By glamman
One year contracts for Gorvin and Phillips. Fully understand signing Phillips and good to hear he "spins the ball hard".
Not quite sure where Gorvin fits in. Did a reasonable job in the RL competition but he is a just good club medium pacer. Don't see him playing 1st class or T20 games. Presumably there as cover.
By exileKT8
Surprised to see the signing of Northeast. He was one of the rising stars of the game at Kent but things don`t seem to have worked out since including a worrying lack of form this summer when 3 counties have had a look at him. Future Captain ?
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By uskexile
Very surprised at this but much needed. Interest from up to six counties on BBC article. He must have been offered the captaincy for him to come to us at Glamorgan.
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By glamman
Could be a good signing although not a top 3 batsman where we are really struggling. However, as has been said before, there just aren't many out there.
Northeast has been a bit in the wilderness since leaving Kent and played for Hampshire, Notts and Yorkshire this summer. First class average of 30 last season. Interesting to see if he will get the captaincy. If he does it's a bit of a kick in the teeth for Lloyd who would be my preferred option. Maynard did this before with Dalrymple and that worked pretty well.
Intersting fact: He has played for the Sunshine Coast Scorchers which is Selman's club and where Smith and Donald have both played.
By RJ89
I am really pleased with the Northeast signing. Welcome Sam.

Does this also indicate that perhaps the Glamorgan hierarchy has more ambition and pulling power than some choose to believe? I think this signing will make us significantly stronger, certainly makes getting in the side for your run scoring potential a tougher proposition next season.

I assume Lloyd will want to continue opening after his success this season and that he will be needed to do so? Opening partner likely to be Byrom at the moment with Cooke an option? I would lstill like to see another proven opener in the ranks though. I enjoyed watching Rutherford with Lloyd this season and liked them together. I am not convinced we will strengthen here though, what do others think?

I am sorry that Selman is leaving as I admired his red ball approach and kept hoping that he would get lots of runs. A great 50 over campaign to sign off with though. Thanks for the memories and good luck for the future Nick.

So, it seems, that at some point next season, subject to availability, we may have Lloyd, Byrom, (A.N. Other?), Marnus, Northeaset, Carlson, Root, Douthwaite, both Cooke's and Taylor all vying for a top 7 spot? Does anyone know the situation with Ingram, is he also available for red ball next year, or has his deal expired now?

I will leave bowling thoughts for another post but hope we have Nesser available for more games and am pleased Harris is back and Hogan will play another campaign. Again, any news or thoughts on TVG and Salter?
By exileKT8
Glamman, I wondered whether this is another Dalrymple, not saying necessarily a bad thing.

RJ89 agree credit to HM and MM for getting this done. Don`t think he will have been cheap.
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By uskexile
Matt Maynard has a knack of attracting good quality players to Glamorgan. He was coach when he signed Dalrymple, Allenby, Wagg not to mention Chris Cooke from league cricket and now Northeast. I'm sure that he is still highly regarded in England & Wales cricket otherwise he wouldn't be able to sign these type of players.
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By hujon64
What an unexpected coup for Glamorgan and very well done to Wallace and Maynard. When interviewed he talked about chats with ‘Wally’ throughout the summer and his admiration for Maynard - both seem to have lots of contacts, have a good working relationship and, with Harrison, highly respected in cricketing circles. Accolades for Glamorgan, Cardiff, coaches and Welsh support given by Labuschagne will not have gone unnoticed when choosing a team spirit. This has been an encouraging year with CC team getting into Div 2 and winning the Royal London Cup. I am optimistic about next season and, currently, delighted that the Ashes is going ahead for winter watching.
By glamman
Still lacking another top quality player, especially if Labuschagne and Neser are away for significant parts of the season. A real issue is in the spin department. We don't have a red ball spinner who can be relied upon.
By Nick_Glam
I assume that Rutherford may have to cover for chunks of the season, so he will open then.

This seems quite an impressive signing, but also a good move for the batsman to get a 3 year contract.
By Shamu
Northeast left Kent with a year remaining on his contract and has now left Hampshire with a year remaining. Let’s hope he settles in Cardiff and gets his head down and scores runs.

Was captained by James Harris at various England age group levels and he then captained Harris briefly when at Kent, so they’d be well known to each other.

I wonder how Wallace and Maynard described the batting surfaces at Sophia ? 🙈
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