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By Vetchetarian
Deserved ?

Unjustified due to his assault conviction in France ?

Abolish such awards ?

Sue the likes of May for simply handing out awards to her friends and cronies, and possibly receiving gratuities for doing so. ?
By johnwales
Had it been a clear cut verdict I would definitely agree. But the Judges decision to award the woman just one franc in compensation indicates to me what the personal thoughts of the Judge were.

Those of you who have Sky may have heard one of the commentary team make the following comment on the air * you don't know what you are f*** talking about *. Not sure who it was but he did not have an Aussie or West Indies accent. Will this guy keep his job ??

Once again I must state we do need to bring up to date the roll umpires play in assessing dismissals. Not sure how many errors the on field pair have made in this game, but surely it must exceed twenty. We need better !!
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