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By glamman
Perhaps time to have a prayer that something befalls Leach and Ali has to be recalled for next week's Test.
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By glamman
Team for Tuesday?
TvdG or Carey
By glamman
Welwyn wrote: Sun Sep 08, 2019 2:50 pm Root at 3 a possibility?
We are back to not having a clear option and having to fit someone in. Lawlor another option.
By glamman
Parnell out of the Worcs team with illness but Rutherfors back from his brief New Zealand call up.
By glamman
12 man squad includes Wagg. Disappointed not to see Walker. No second spinner with Brathwaite seemingly unable to bowl. I assume it will be a choice between Carey and Wagg - hopefully Carey. Sounds like Cullen will bat at 3.
It seems De Lange is still injured although there is no information about who is playing for the 2s this week.
By glamman
Wagg left out and Glamorgan to bowl first. Assume Cullen will bat 3. Hopefully our bowlers can take advantage of any early help and keep the ball nice and full.
Good luck to the XI.
By Nick_Glam
On paper we have a decent and balanced bowling attack.

Hopefully TvdG can make a contribution on his return.
By glamman
Disappointing not to see Bull in the 2s team this week. Has been bowling on a Saturday but does not appear ready for a longer game. Hopefully Carlson can get a big score.
By glamman
Ed Bevan commentating. It is an unfortunate for him that watching on line shows how off the mark he can be with his description of play.
By glamman
Overall a pretty good day. Hopefully Lloyd and Brathwaite can push on tomorrow.

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