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By glamman
We seem to be talking at cross purposes. If you are referring to the young players who are not yet quite at the level to be playing 1st team county cricket or have not quite made it in recent years then I am sure they would be happy to play for Wales against the likes of Spain and Germany. But I can assure you that the likes of Lloyd, Carey, Donald, Smith, Bull, Salter, Carlson, Walker have set their sights a lot higher.

I would also suggest you talk to the Scottish players and ask them if they would rather have a county contract than one with Scotland.
By Bubbles
My wires are certainly not crossed. There is only Lloyd from the names you mentioned who played regularly in the first team. The names that you mentioned do no longer qualify as youngsters and probably like the home grown talent in Scotland fall way below the standard of county cricketers . As I have mentioned in previous posts county teams are producing internatational players at about twenty years of age. Most of the so called Glammy youngsters will be released and will :sleep: :sleep: :sleep: play for money in the SWPL. :sleep: :sleep: :sleep: :drunk:
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By TWrex
The Hundred wouldn't be required this year or next if all red ball cricket was like that in today's Father Brown story on BBC1. A thrilling finish with the added edge of wondering which of the team would be bumped off next. There was even a 'man' of the match award predating one day cricket, and hopefully Glamorgan made full use of the overseas star sent their way via the village green. Residential qualifying would have been required back then though and being a doctor he may well have proposed the wearing of helmets, through personal experience, long before they came in.
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