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I noticed on social media yesterday that Gareth Rees, former player, had been appointed to a voluntary, independent role as a financial adviser on the Glamorgan Board. Apparently he has first class degrees and vast experience in this sector. I thought how nice it was to see someone volunteering his free time and expertise in giving back to the Club that he loved for no financial reward. Apparently, he also has a young family.
However, I was appalled to read the vitriolic comments of ‘jobs for the boys’ etc. I have utmost respect for anyone who volunteers in any position and think It’s a very sad indictment of our society that such people are criticised.
Well done Gareth and the many others who work voluntarily within our Club and any other organisations.
I think it is good that Gareth has volunteered his services but the job title is very confusing. I believe that Gareth works for Admiral so cannot be classed as independent and I am not aware that he is a fully qualified financial adviser which you have to be to give advice of any kind. If he has the full qualifications then good on him for giving his expertise to the club.
Gareth Rees is not a financial advisor - his non-executive role at Glamorgan will involve constructively challenging board planning and outcomes and having an input on cricket related matters, of which the current board members (and former board members sadly) have no knowledge or expertise.

As an affable and ebullient individual who genuinely cares about Glamorgan cricket he has the tenacity to effect change in a positive manner. I wish him well as I’m sure he’ll attempt to ruffle a few feathers to drive forward a resurgence from our present abyss.
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If you look at the Glamorgan board it’s full of solicitors financial experts and one man who knows something about cricket Gareth Rees
Even our chairman has never had any dealings with cricket
If we want to run rugby matches at the ground then we have the guys to do it
I wish Gareth the best of luck if he talks about cricket at a board meeting as everyone will look at him gone off
Yes we might not be losing money on the hospitality and functions but unless some effort is put into getting Glamorgan cricket to perform as a cricket club instead of being a laughing stock in the cricket world then we need to get more cricket men on the board to do that
A clean sweep could have been done at the end of last season but it was not
We still find ourselves struggling where it comes to on the field
We need new coaches at the club and disperse with the retired home for ex Glammy cricketers on the coaching staff
We don’t even look professional when training on the field before a match
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