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By glamman
hujon64 wrote: Thu Nov 07, 2019 11:34 am Like everyone else, I am waiting with baited breath for a decision re Labuschagne. Would seem ‘unfair’ if, having given him every opportunity last year, he was chosen for the Australian team on the back of this and now goes elsewhere for money. I am sure playing for Australia has vast rewards and agents seem to get the best deals for their clients but there must be some players who stay loyal, especially if they have gelled with the management, team, fans, etc. Close to home, think of Maynard, Croft, Cosker, Morris, Wallace who must have been offered much more lucrative deals but stayed loyal without the massive salaries and enticements offered elsewhere. Surely, there will be an announcement soon - would be a good Christmas present for the fans!
Perhaps I am naive but I expect him to be at Glamorgan next summer.
By lovecricket
Definitely one of the best pieces of scouting ever!

What an amazing signing! Fingers crossed he wants to come back.
By exileKT8
Hemphrey top scores for Queensland with 64, Marnus a 28 ball duck.
By hujon64
I have my early Christmas present - Labuschagne has signed - Well done Maynard and Wallace. Spotted him and nurtured him last year and now he’s available for all 3 formats! Heard he was a thoroughly likeable, upstanding chap who loved it with Glamorgan so well done everyone for making him so welcome thatwx he wanted to return.
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By exileKT8
Thanks Gents

Nothing on BBC cricket so hadn`t seen this, have to go to the Welsh sport section and good old Glammy website.

Good news, let`s hope he doesn`t miss too much of the season.
By Nick_Glam
Very positive news and hopefully he can boost us in all forms of the game.
By johnwales
Obviously a very decent guy who puts happiness and friendship before money....
By runinthesun
Labuschagne! Labuschagne! Labuschagne! So happy he is coming back! Brilliant young player in every way.
By hujon64
Very interesting to read Labuschagne’s comments on his delight at returning to Cardiff and, especially, his praise for Matthew Maynard’s input into his game. All credit to Matthew as his work with him was obviously a large part of his wish to continue at the club. Well done, Maynard and Wallace whom I understand was responsible for the negotiation as part of his job.
By Bubbles
I discussed this with a group of friends over coffee this morning.
The consensus was that Labuschagne's work ethic saved Maynard his job for the first part of the season but what happened to the back end of the season?
Is a player looking to secure a contract going to bite the hand that feeds him?
A good signing for the club but what about our young players. Banton and Brown already in the England squared at twenty. Our youngsters cannot get near the first X1. Somerhing is wrong! Much rather see our youngsters given a chance rather the average Kolpak players that we employ. What have we got to lose? :clap: :clap: :clap:
By Nick_Glam
I don't personally think there can be too many complaints about how many youngsters that we used last season. We rotated the team a lot and plenty of players got a chance.

For many years we had too many youngsters in the side and their prospects were doubtless damaged by not having enough old heads around them.
By exileKT8
I wonder if Glammy were one of the Counties to speak to Libby, wasn`t he a student in Cardiff ?
The youngsters have to be good enough, no point playing them for the sake of it! Think Carlson has the talent to make it. Didn’t see the point of playing Lawlor and Morgan in the t20 last season, as in my opinion, neither looked good enough to produce at that level.
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