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By johnwales
Michael Holding was very critical of the umpires today, in reference to the number of decisions technology over ruled. I intend to agree with him and do wonder if technology should be fully responsible for making a dismissal decision. There is a big case for amending the rule for a batsman being bowled. I have seen several instances of the ball hitting the wickets, but not dislodging the bails. If we must use illuminated stumps and bails, surely there is a case for a batsman being given out if the ball comes into contact with the woodwork.
By glamman
johnwales wrote:
Mon Jun 03, 2019 7:29 pm
I don't think the Aussies will reach the semis , their batting can be very brittle at times.
England cannot afford another ' Rorkes Drift ' like today !!!
As I said "Don't write off the holders".
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