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By glamman
Debut for Douthwaite and no surprise to see Carey back in for Hogan. Assume they have lost patience with Carlson. Seems to be going down the same route as Donald.
I am not quite sure if Douthwaite is primarily a batsman or a bowler. I guess Glamorgan are hoping it's the former as we have plenty of all-rounders.
Still no front-line spinner. Morgan with 6/21 yesterday but am not sure he is seen as a front-line spinner - however am not sure therefore what he is seen as? We have a number of 2nd XI players who can bat and bowl quite well but not quite well enough.
By glamman
Also no surprise to see Lloyd opening but the Test batsmen drops down leaving Lawlor to continue at the top of the order! Hope he goes well.
By johnwales
Solid start by the Sophia Boys. Could we experiment with Billy Root as an opener alongside Lloyd, particularly if Lawlor falls early.

Are we going to have a Sky spot on t.v. ?
By JamesH
Lloyd very unlucky to be run out backing up after the bowler deflected a straight drive from Lawlor onto the stumps. Didn't expect to see Douthwaite playing as I thought he may be in the 3 day game that the 2nd XI are playing down the road, but excited for him and hope he does well.
By johnwales
Nevertheless bloody stupid way to get out, being as one day cricket features a lot of straight drives. We cannot continue to rely on our star batsmen in the lower order !!
By johnwales
By glamman
Don't see the run out as anyone's fault. Lloyd has to back up and great to see Lawlor playing straight. Got out on Sunday swinging across the line.
By Nick_Glam
A very soft dismissal for Labuschagne. Obviously struggling to adapt to the British game...
By glamman
Sounds like 300 is going to be needed to really put pressure on the Gloucs batsmen. Might have to settle for 270-80. Good to see Cooke in the runs and Root is becoming Mr Reliable. Some batting still to come.
By glamman
If these two keep going and Gloucs keep bowling as they are 300+ looks well within range now.
Really pleased for Cooke having stepped up and taken responsibility at 3.
By Nick_Glam
Excellent batting and poor bowling.

Some short boundaries are probably Gloucester's best hope...
By Nick_Glam

A great effort from Cooke and Root. A shame that Root couldn't get his hundred, but he improvised a little too much towards the end of his innings.

Good that Douthwaite got to have a bat and his first ball will probably forever remain the highlight of his career. :lol
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