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By hujon64
I see from an interview with Matthew Maynard on Twitter that interviews for DOC are taking place this week so, hopefully an announcement will be made soon.
By glamman
Nothing yet.

Moves at other counties including:
- Lancs have signed Burns and Maxwell.
- Lewis has left Durham
- Mascarenhas has left Essex

plus Maynard has indicated strongly that he is interested in the coaching role.

Hopefully we will hear something soon.
By hujon64
If it’s right that interviews were taking place last week, would have expected an announcement before Christmas. Maybe nobody would do the job for the amount they were willing to pay - even more of a ‘poison chalice’ now if glamman’s prophecies above come true.
By glamman
Big blow to Glamorgan with Ingram bought in the IPL auction. Will need a new captain for the 50 over competition. Don't really understand why he was not bought up last year. Cannot think of many batsmen you would feel less like bowling at in T20.

Still nothing about a new DoC. Slightly concerning. Hopefully just sorting out contractual arrangements.
By hujon64
Edward Bevan said on Twitter yesterday that an announcement about the DOC was imminent. However, with a few weeks off for Christmas and notices having to be worked, etc, doubt that the new person will start until February or even March, if they’ve actually appointed someone who’s willing to take on the mammoth challenge for the salary they can afford. Perhaps Maynard will take on the position for a while - who knows? Also, seems very late to make wholesale changes to coaching personnel as to advertise, interview and appoint with the season starting so early would be very problematic. We shall see!!!
By exileKT8
Ingram bought for IPL but was he going to play 50 overs anyway, I thought his knees meant he only plays T20. Khawaja and Marsh not sold and I couldn`t see De Lange on either list on ESPN.
By glamman
exileKT8 wrote: Tue Dec 18, 2018 8:20 pm Ingram bought for IPL but was he going to play 50 overs anyway, I thought his knees meant he only plays T20. Khawaja and Marsh not sold and I couldn`t see De Lange on either list on ESPN.
As far as I am aware he was due to play the 50 over comp again.
By glammysupporter
I am happy with the appointment of Mark Wallace.

With the salary we were offering we were never going to get a cricket heavyweight to apply.

Mark is in touch with the modern game and ticks a lot of boxes.

I hope Matthew will now become the first team coach again after being forced out in 2010.

It does not matter who is behind the scenes, we are not going to improve until we start to properly invest in the playing squad and accept that some of our home grown players are not good enough.

Good luck to all.
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By bobbly4
If Maynard comes on board with Wallace then we will again have a management and coaching team that is entirely " Glamorgan". Those of us who have been advocating bringing in people from outside to reinvigorate the club will be disappointed.
By hujon64
I am happy with the appointment of Mark Wallace. Realistically, we were never going to get an Alec Stewart or Jason Gillespie type person with the huge remit of the job, control over not just Glamorgan but Welsh cricket overall (Wallace knows all the ins and outs having come through the system from a state comprehensive in rural, mid Wales/Abergavenny CC to Glamorgan captaincy and currently Newport CC) and, of course, a County bottom of the second division and the limited finance on offer.
His CV is very impressive for any cricketing appointment at any County Club - higher level degree, Level 4 coaching, PCA Chairman for 4 years, published work in Wisden, Western Mail and commentating on Radio Wales. Articulate, well-respected with, undoubtedly, lots of contacts. Am told he’s also represented PCA in many overseas multi-sport conferences. Don’t know who was interviewed or the calibre of the applicants but am sure the best candidate got the job and I would be happy with a partnership with Matthew Maynard as coach. At this late stage and with the appointment starting in February, it’s probably too late for any wholesale changes for next season so he’ll have time to settle in. I admire him for taking on this ‘mammoth’ task and wish him all the best. I appreciate that it could take some time for any changes to filter through so let’s not make judgements before he’s even started!!!
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By djronnieb65
This is what I call the cheap option appointment
The were not prepared to pay much money for what is a very important job
It’s a case of we can’t afford Selfridges but Primark are still open
This will probably be an increase of ex players in the club which would be ok if it had worked before but it hasn’t
We would have been better off appointing James Allenby if we were going down that route but of that was not going through happen as Hugh Morris fell out with him
I do wish Wallace the best of luck as he is going to need it as this is an entirely new ball game for him
Let’s hope he has got a mean streak in him as he is going to need one as a lot of players aswell as management will be thinking he is a soft touch as he was when he was captain
Good luck Mark
By glammysupporter
I think Mark is a quality person with a lot of strings to his bow, and he is up to speed with all the modern aspects of the game.

I would much prefer this than a bigger name who may have been away from the game for a long time.

It may be a 'cheap' appointment in terms of salary, but I believe Colin Metson was on a 6 figure salary 8 years ago for the same role and that did not end well.

Mark is quite capable of doing this job well, and it is important that as much money from the cricket budget as possible is used on players.
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By djronnieb65
You mention Colin Metson
He of course was the worst coaching appointment ever
The hope is the big lack of experience that Wallace has can be outweighed by a good appointment of a head coach
This will say whether Wallace is to be success or failure
We do need a huge budget for the playing side
It’s about time the club had some ambition and thrived for success instead of the usual dream at the start of the season which normally ends as a nightmare
Next season will be very interesting
By lovecricket
I'm very frustrated by this. We keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Another appointment of a former player from within the club who has never played anywhere else. How can he challenge the status quo when he's never seen another set up and the people above him have always been above him.

Mark Wallace is a great guy, excellent servant and brilliant club ambassador but more of the same. I can't see anything changing for the better this season. We needed a new voice and some fresh ideas.
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