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By glammysupporter
I have got to defend Matthew here against some of the comments about him.

It his hardly his fault that quite a number of the players he has been asked to coach this season are not up to first class standard.

Regardless of why he left Somerset, in a short time there he took them to within a point (I think) of winning the county championship, something they have not done in their history of more than 140 years.

When he became a victim of the ego of Paul Russell at Glamorgan in 2010, he was putting together the best side we have had for a while who were on the brink of promotion. He was also attracing and signing some good quality players to the club eg Dalrymple, Wagg and Allenby.

Whatever happens in the restructure, I think we are very lucky to have Matthew on board, and if he became full time coach again under a new DOC with a proper budget, I would be very happy, and would support it fully.
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By hujon64
From my previous comments glammysupporter, you will see that I echo completely your sentiments.
By Bubbles
I have supported the county for nearly sixty years and feel at the moment that all cricketing life is being sucked out of me by the goings on or lack of goings on.
I do not want to appear negative but feel that only a few people (probably around a hundred people as a guesstimate) actually really give a toss. Our crowds for county championship matches are made up of the possee of autograph hunters and the band of pensioners who quite frankly mostly have nothing better to do,and these numbers are diminishing year on year.
I feel that the club has no ambition at all and the " jobs for the boys" is and will be a well used phrase.
Morris and Maynard portray no spark at all to motivate old and new followers and unless the new Director of Cricket comes in breathing fresh air and ideas that will receive the clubs' backing, be prepared for more of the same. No-one at the club is brave enough to make or attempt to make the massive changes that are needed and self preservation of ex players seems to be priority number one!
Apologies if I upset anyone but we are staring in to the wilderness and doing very little about it. This is not good enough!!!
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By glammysupporter
Bubbles I agree with a lot of what you say, and I wish things were happening quicker (as expressed at the start of this thread)

You say nobody is prepared to make massive changes, but if we go into next seasoson with a new DOC, coach and captain, then I think that is as much as we can expect.

We desperatley need some new players.

The new DOC has to be given a strong budget, and we need to stop doing things on the cheap.
By Bubbles
Thanks glammysupporter.
I think a new doc, a returning head coach and a new captain who I imagine will each be on six figure salaries will only be putting fingers in the dyke in my opinion.
We are 18th out of 18 counties and we have seen that the youngsters we have (Carlson excepted )have not shown the ability to adapt. Too many bowlers who can bat a bit but not excel at either skill, leaves us with a hotch potch of cricketers.
With Mark O'leary doing a fine job at Cardiff MCCU can we propose a link up and offer players from around the UK a simmer contract to enter university with. It is heartbreaking to see players earning their Spurs in Cardiff and then going on to play for other counties.
In football when a new coach comes on board he usually brings his coaching staff with him. Would we accept this. Or is the apple cart being upset. These are the sort of questions that should be asked but I doubt will ever happen.
Unless we identify the root of our problems I predict a bleak future.
Why are we not being furnished with such proposals to give the supporting public something to look forward to. I will wait with baited breath.
By hujon64
Time is going on and I believe the closing date for DOC applications has passed. Any ideas on applicants, interview dates etc, although doubt that short list will be published as there may be some applicants who do not wish current employers to be aware of their interest.
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By uskexile
It would appear that there has been considerable interest in the head coach position but nobody is willing to commit to applying until they know who the DOC is going to be.

Matt Maynard and Toby Radford have both said they would consider being head coach again. Surely an appointment needs to be made very soon so that we can prepare for the new season.

By glammysupporter
There is so much to do and things are on hold at the moment to some degree.

I would have liked to have seen a DOC starting on 01 December.

I am not sure that the DOC salary is sufficient for someone to relocate to Cardiff.

Would not be surprised if it goes to someone based in south Wales who already has a connection to the club.
By hujon64
There is no doubt that Huw Morris is a shrewd financial operator but wonder how they intend to allocate ‘available’ funds. Presuming, Morris was earning £200,000 a year which would appear to be the norm, even if he took a cut of £50,000 that is not enough to attract experienced, high calibre candidates for DOC. How much would they want to pay the Head Coach and overseas and other signings on top of this? As Glammy Supporter so rightly pointed out, is Glamorgan and relocating to Cardiff attractive especially if family is to be considered. The candidates were asked to state their current salary so will they even interview those on a very high salary at present (presuming any of them would apply) who would expect more or perhaps find the money for the DOC and adjust downwards elsewhere !!! A real dilemma!
By glammysupporter
I am guessing completely that the DOC might be paid around 65k.

A nice job for someone out of work or local, but probably a fraction of what the likes of Gus Fraser, Alec Stewart, Ashley Giles or Mick Newell are earning.

However all the budgets are carved up, it is imperative that we have the funds for at least 2 more batsmen, probably to incorporate the overseas player and a captain.
By djronnieb65
With regards our new appointments
The hope is that the new DOC will be on office before the new year and a head coach not to long after
The job then is to weed out the hangers on that we have at the club
The only coach I would keep is David Harrison and possibly Matt Maynard as batting coach
The DOC can then task himself with getting the other coaches he requires and get the club on a much better footing
Of course he then had to sort out the playing staff
We need an opening batsman plus another batsman to bat at no 4
A top class spinner would be nice aswell
It’s going to be a very interesting couple of months at Glammy which I’m sure everyone will wait with bated breath
Oh to be a Glammy Supporter
By exileKT8
As regards opening batsman and another batsman I see the World Cup starts May 30th and Australia`s last game is July 6th and if they qualify semis and a final a week later. The Ashes are August and September, presumably Australia will have some warm up games so any batting plans surely cannot include Marsh nor in probability Khawaja.
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