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By glammysupporter
Anyone else a bit concerned about the timescales involved with putting the new structure in place?

I fullly agree that we dont want to rush things and must get it right.

However, I understand interviews for the DOC are not taking place until early December.

That process may take a couple of weeks and possibly second interviews might take place - followed of course by Christmas and new year

Then you have the possibility that the best people may well have to give notice in a current job before they join us.

Presumably all this has to take place before we can appoint a coach, captain and sign the new players we badly need.

We are not the only county looking and this does seem to be a long process potentially.
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By johnwales
yes I totally agree with your comments. A very leisurely attitude has been adopted to what is a critical situation. No doubt Hampshire are quizzing Aneurin Donald right now as regards the suitability of Robert Croft for filling their own vacancy. I can see a situation arising whereby Hugh Morris continues as temporary D O C , and appoints Matthew Maynard as temporary coach; and the playing staff much the same as last season. One thing for certain, things can only get better as they are currently well and truly stuck at base camp !!!
By Bubbles
I have just read the job description for the director of cricket on the Cricket Wales website.
I do not think there are enough hours in the day to fulfil what Morris is asking.
Instead of streamlining the role to concentrate on what the county requires it would cover every bit of cricket imaginable. No mention of remuneration or the number of people to line manage but one thing stands out to me. Morris sits at the top of the tree and we all know that s..t rolls downhill. Good luck to anyone that is brave enough to take up the reins you will need every bit of help you can get to succeed.
I have never seen such an extensive role in my life.
What do you think?
By djronnieb65
Not surprised by that job description
It would have been better to have just marked it in charge of all cricket
The D O C surly would not want to be involved with the PCA and doing hosting etc
It seems that Morris wants an easy life and wants to pass on all things that he would be expected to do to the DOC
Discussions on players contracts is normally done by the CEO
Director of cricket only needs to be concentrating on the cricket side of the club
He is not there to be negotiating or meeting up with players reps etc
That’s the ceo job
It will be interesting what applicants they have
Maybe they want to give it to one of their own and don’t want applicants from outside
Very interesting who gets appointed
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By Bubbles
I fully agree with your comments.
It appears that Morris has carved a role for himself sitting on top of the Christmas tree with the power to point the finger elsewhere and escape the noose.
The job description of the director of cricket is so all encompassing that I think it would scare off most possible candidates. I therefore tend to agree that the role will go to someone the club already knows and have spoken to.
The first questions that should be asked is what budget does the director of cricket have for coaching staff including head coach, players both existing and new.

Having firmly planted the reasons for cricketing failure at somebody else's door over the last five years, I would like to think that supporters can see a clearer picture going forward.
By johnwales
Nice little job for someone. Will Hugh go on to a minimum wage contract when God takes up his new job !!!
By exileKT8
Good news I hope getting Root in but all quiet since then. Echo the concerns of Glammysupporters opening post that if we wait until the New Year and a the new DoC to augment our batting then there might not be much left.

Like most counties our season will be massively influenced by the success or otherwise of our overseas player. I see Marsh has a hundred to his name this morning. Aussie batting otherwise not looking great so even if Smith and Warner are back safe to assume Marsh and possibly Khawaja will be on the Ashes tour. I hope there is a plan in place.
By johnwales
Matthew Maynard is the obvious choice as coach. I also feel we could do far worse than appoint him as D O C as well. In recognition of his long service to Glamorgan it may have been the decent thing to put Robert Croft in charge of the bowling; rather than kick him out altogether.
By djronnieb65
Mathew Maynard would not want the Director of Cricket Job as you have to be half a CEO to do what it says on the job description
It seems that Morris is only going to concentrate on the one day matches and the 100 cup and wants to pass on his real work to the new DOC
The new post has to be from someone outside otherwise there will be no improvement from last season
The new DOC will have to go through the coaching with a fine tooth comb and get rid of the dead wood that we have
Depending on who gets the job Maynard could still get the head coach position
This has all been left very late and Croft should have been sacked before the end of the season and the club could then have done interviews a lot earlier and maybe we could have the new DOC and new head coach already installed
We still need to sign new players and we could end up with scraps
Could be more kolpak players again
Once again Glamorgan fail badly in organisation
Everyone new half way through last season that the coaching staff were not good enough so why didn’t they take steps to rectify the situation earlier
This is going to be an interesting close season at Glamorgan we will see what results come up at the end of it
If the board get stuck they can always ask the welsh Rugby union to take over
By Bubbles
Why am I not surprised.
The incestuous nature of GCCC comes to,the fore again.
As stated in previous posts look at Maynards latest record. Sacked by Somerset and led Glamorgan's batting to the lowest points total in all of the County championship after doing a similar job done west. Total "jobs for the boys' scenario and a poor decision made by Morris.
Maynard is a popular figure but as I have stated previously we want to win cricket matches not popularity contests.
The days of 10 pints, 40 fags, a 10 mile run and go out an score a hundred have long gone and it is about time the cricket club moves with the times instead of continually reminiscing about past glories. History is a thing of the past!
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By hujon64
If I remember rightly, when Maynard was Coach previously he brought in Dalrymple (who was on the verge of England selection) as Captain and we were almost certain to gain promotion in the last game of the season but Sussex (Murray Goodwin as Captain there) gave their opposition a ridiculously easy target to chase and they gained promotion over us. I think Matthew also brought in Jim Allenby who was an excellent signing. The shenanigans with Russell, Alviro Pietersen and Colin Metson then began and Maynard was ‘ forced’ out. In my opinion, Maynard was doing a very good job and I have no problem with him as Coach now or if he is appointed permanently. Interestingly, Nick Webb reported on Twitter today that Matthew is not interested in the DOC and would only consider applying for Coach after he is aware of the new DOC.
By Bubbles
I agree that Maynard was not treated fairly and correctly walked away. However, his record shows that he won nothing playing in the lower tier of county cricket.
I would love to see him do well but it seems to me that he has hardly set the world alight by coming back as batting consultant and I think that now was the ideal opportunity to sweep the board clean.
I feel that the bulk of the coaching staff will now be retained and possibly Jim Allenby will get the director of cricket job. This would strengthen Morris and Maynard's position and we are back in the dire position we currently stand.
Personally I feel we need to do something bold and innovative but as it stands at the moment we are just boosting people's pension funds.
By johnwales
Fair enough comments, but are there guys out there who can do better. Taking on the Glamorgan jobs could be career ending decisions.

Not related to this topic, but I have often been amazed that the England cricket team warm up for Test cricket by having a session of football. Ironic that Johny Bairstow picked up a bad ankle injury which laid him up for a couple of weeks. Fit again now, but dropped from the team because his stand in - Ben Foakes - took his chance !!
By hujon64
Whilst it would be great to have a ‘big’ name from outside as DOC, I read the job description which was immense requiring business brain, cricketing experience, coaching awards, experience in use of technology, etc, etc, etc. Very difficult to get someone who satisfies all that criteria, especially as no salary was mentioned, only to state current salary. I wonder if Huw Morris has relinquished some of his salary along with responsibilities and, even if he has, how much will money influence their choice?
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