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By glamman
Wessels from Notts to Worcs - not a bad signing. Players are moving around so I am sure we are talking to people. We will have to pay more but I still feel the captaincy could be a lure. Obviously this carries with it a bigger pay packet.
By glamman
Topley released by Hampshire - a player beset by injury problems. Has only played 21 games in the 3 years he has been there and those mostly the shorter formats. Difficult for him as he is only 24.
Fuller has moved from Middx to take his place.
By glamman
blackmoon wrote: Fri Oct 05, 2018 8:20 am Let's be honest, what player would want to join Glamorgan in it's present state???
Money talks. A player in his 30s with experience might want to bolster his earnings. The problem this year is the almost complete lack of experienced batsmen. If you solve that problem we may well become competitive again.
By djronnieb65
I think it will be extremely difficult for the current coaching staff to attract any decent players to come to the club
The fact that Lees chose Durham over us makes that point
Durham Currently are in a bad way financially but the player still chose them
I think the club should sort out the current coaching state sooner rather than later
Hopefully a new coach will be able to attract some decent players here
There does seem a lack of concern by the club about the plight we are in and I wouldn’t be surprised if we had a more or less status Quoe
With just a bit of changing of jobs
We will all have to wait and see what result transpires from the external review
Don’t hold your breath on some good results and meaningful changes though
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By glammysupporter
I agree and dont think we will have much joy amongst the better county cricketers who move, who might have a choice of 4 or 5 counties to choose from.

The ones that might be happy to join us and are being released by another county may well not be good enough (eg James Kettleborough)

Who in their right mind is going to join us at the moment? - unless the captaincy appeals to someone.

Sad that not that many years ago Matthew Maynard was selling Glamorgan successfully to people like Jamie Dalrymple, Jim Allenby and Graham Wagg.

Matthew did have something to sell then because we had a good young side developing including James Harris and Tom Maynard, and Mark Cosgrove was one of the top overseas performers in all competitions.

The situation now is much more serios and acute.

I think it is more likely that we will have to go overseas and try and identify a couple of established batsmen in another country who can join us either as kolpak or passport signings.

Ideally age 26-32 and on 3 year contracts.

It is going to cost but investment in the team is long overdue, and the reason we are in this mess.
By Nick_Glam
I'm sure the location element played a big part in Lees moving from Yorkshire to Durham.

And I would agree that we will probably have to go with non-overseas overseas players as we did with the likes of Goodwin and Walters.
By Shamu
I see that James Harris has been named as “Middlesex Player of the Year 2018”.

Also won Player’s Player of the Year and Supporter’s Player of the Year.

In the words of the late Jim Bowen :

“Let’s take a look at what you could have won” ! :brickwall: :brickwall:
By glamman
I am now waiting to see if there will be any announcements about players whose contract is up at the end of next season. The club will be wanting the players they want to keep putting pen to paper before the start of the season as at that point they can start having talks with other clubs. The players in this situation by my reckoning are:
De Lange - would be of interest to other clubs
Hogan - unlikely to move now
Lloyd - might be interested in moving
Salter - if has another good white ball season might be of interest
Selman - not sure - after his poor season I don't see him getting offers
Smith - again may well look to move
Wagg - unlikely to move now
Morgan - has fallen away primarily as not clear what role he has - batsman or bowler?

In summary, if we do not see an announcement of contract extensions for De Lange, Lloyd, Salter or Smith in the next couple of months I would anticipate that they will be looking to move. Obviously they might not get any offers.
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