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By glamman
Wish him well in his retirement. Not really clear what the reason is but probably none of our business.
Leaves another hole in the batting coming with the loss of Brand who was undoubtedly looked at as a future top order batsman. With the IPL not finishing until May 21 we will have played 4 Championship games before Marsh is available.
Currently the specialist batsmen for the start of the season look like being:
Oh Dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Glamorboy
I am sorry to hear of Will's departure due to ill health.
He had become our 'Mr Dependable' at no3,always battling and rarely giving his wicket away.
I will always remember his fighting knock at Cardiff a few years ago; he batted for all but the first ten minutes of the day , resisting all that Worcestershire could throw at him,(quite literally with Ajmal bowling over after over), with the pressure of a close attacking field set throughout. Ably supported by as I recall, Walters, Wallace. Cooke and Wagg, he saw Glam to the draw, finishing undefeated on 91, he never gave a sniff of a chance.

I suspect Will will look back on that innings as being the finest of his career, despite having compiled a few tons along the way. For me, he provided the most compelling and absorbing day's cricket I have ever witnessed, in more than 60 years of watching this wonderful game.

Thank you Will for your sterling service to Glamorgan cricket, and my very best wishes to you in your new career.
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By PaulTavs
That's a shame, he was one of my favourite county cricketers.

I admired him because he was one of those few players who carved out a decent career almost, it seemed, through sheer determination.

It was in 2016 that he made a stride forward from being a player who appeared to battle his way through every season to one right on top of his game.

He could also keep wicket, and was keen on the rare opportunity to bowl as well, seemingly being allowed around 20 overs a season! Funnily enough, I actually witnessed one of his 5 first-class wickets, I'm almost certain his first, in the historic floodlit Championship match between Kent and Glamorgan in 2011. Needless to say he celebrated as if he had just scored a hundred.
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By ffynnongarw
I believe he picked up a virus on an overseas holiday. Sad news to have to retire under these circumstances when he had shown great determination to establish his position in the team.
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By PaulTavs
Sounds like a similar thing that Joe Sayers suffered from in 2010 - Post-Viral Fatigue Syndrome - though in his case he eventually made a comeback.
By Welwyn
Also just had this thought about if we still had him and Gareth Rees, we'd be well sorted at the top of the order. Certainly in D2 terms.
By Nick_Glam
Sad news and I hope that he will be able to build a successful life away from the sport.

It does leave us very short at the top of the order. I assume though that it may mean there is a little more left in the budget to make another signing.

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