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By Vetchetarian
Inexplicable bowling decisions aligned with inexplicable commentary,we are listening not watching,call it when it occurs.


Any chance we can blame Rudolph for the "inexplicable commentary" ?  :D]
By Iron Mike
Bit of an oddity in playing in Surrey, however only just. What can we say as we play all over Wales?
Surrey also playing at the Oval v Somerset but who cares...sounds like Wallace had had a life or two but top effort - well done so far.  Hope he gets a pb en route to the win.
78 off 72 to go.

Forza Glam!
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By Vetchetarian
I'm following via cricinfo, so am not aware of nature of batting, chances offered, etc.
Radio commentary infuriates me, so gave up listening some time ago.

Excellent partnership between Wallace and Lloyd. Almost half way home as I type.
By hujon64
Another brilliant win with three and a half overs to go. Superb opening partnership with excellent running between the wickets (so important in T20) picking up valuable singles and turning ones into twos. Told some time ago that Wallace and Wagg the two quickest but the Lloyd/Wallace combination did us proud. Particularly pleased for Wallace who's been shoved in the firing line and was in top form tonight. Also Lloyd showing his increasing maturity playing a different kind of innings. And what can you say about Ingram - 4 balls and 3 consecutive sixes to win it!  All hail Glamorgan and, of course, some very good bowling if a little baffling! Inspirational stuff from our footballing and cricketing lads at the moment - very happy old man!

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By Iron Mike
Sounded exciting - that's finishing a match off in style.  Yet again good for the run rate.

Wallace carrying his bat in a winning cause - couldn't happen to a nicer bloke who has deserved this more than anyone.

Home qf a possibility, just qualify will do but both will be step closer if we get past Gloucestershire on Sunday...it would be great to see a 10k+plus crowd.  This side deserves it.

A few words from anyone who went would be great...safe travels!

Forza Glam!
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By Vetchetarian
Well, the Glamorgan T 20 juggernaut rolls on. Another impressive performance away to Middlesex.
Wallace and Lloyd played magnificently and were sadly split up towards the end of the run chase.
Ingram had a delightful cameo at the end.

Still mystified by Rudolph's use of his bowlers, but let's be charitable, and say it must have been part of a master plan.
The alternative of him not being able to count to four is too incredulous to contemplate.

Well done to the team. It's always such a pleasure putting The Saes to the sword.  :D

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