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By timhealings
Well I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read this earlier today. In my opinion the most impressive signing we’ve made in years. I totally understand that having players like Marnus and neser on the staff is brilliant but for us to get an English player of his quality from one of the ‘bigger boys’ is imho unheard of, especially at the age he is. I’m always excited for the season, always believing we’re going to win something, and usually disappointed but I think we’re shaping up rather nicely. How about this:

C Cooke
Douthwaite/J Cooke
Salter/Taylor/Sisodiya (lower down order)

Think we might win the CC!
By glamman
Doesn’t look too bad if we get the services of Labuschagne and Neser. Would like to see a better spin option. At the moment I would pick an extra seamer in red ball games as a better bowling option than Salter et al.
By RJ89
I’m very pleased we all seem enthused by the Northeast signing.
That would be my dream team at the moment too Tim, with TVG snd Carey rotating in as appropriate. Looks stronger than it has for years.
What’s the situation with TVG, salter snd Ingram? Anyone know?
By glamman
Ingram has another year. To my mind, money wasted. Nothing official regarding Salter and TvdG.
With the recruitment of Northeast it does mean another non-Welsh player. At best there will be 4 in the team. Am not saying it isn’t a positive move but what is the academy system doing? 3 batsmen produced in the last 12 years - Lloyd, Donald and Carlson!
By glamman
Good to see Marnus back in the runs today.
By Ger27
Shame he decided on Essex. Maybe the immediate switch back to two division made the difference.
By exileKT8
Not great news overnight from down under, both Glammy boys get ducks and looks like Neser couldn`t finish an over, injured again ?
By glamman
exileKT8 wrote: Wed Nov 10, 2021 5:54 pm Not great news overnight from down under, both Glammy boys get ducks and looks like Neser couldn`t finish an over, injured again ?
Just read that he suffered a hamstring injury.
By glamman
Doesn't sound as if Neser's hamstring injury is too bad as he has been named with Labuschagne in the Australia Ashes squad.
By glamman
Good to see Marnus in the runs again.
I see that Neil Brand is now captaining the Titans and scored a century in the current game. Such a shame his residence qualification was cocked up as he would be a huge addition to our top order if he was still with us. Not to mention his left arm spin.
By glamman
Contracts anounced for Salter, McIlroy and Cullen. I don't think I have seen anything on Joe Cooke and TvdG.
Interestingly only 10 of the squad have contracts extending past the end of next season (as far as I am aware).
By exileKT8
What a shame we didn`t get to see Neser batting in the T20 last year. Wisdom of retrospect but you would think he would have made a difference on this morning`s evidence.
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