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By Bubbles
Is it time to look at our coaching staff from bottom to top?
Richard Almond Glamorgan Academy Should we look at the players who have come through the syatem and those that have slipped through the net. It seems as though if you do not tick every box and come from the right background you will be overlooked.
Dave Harrison. Nice bloke but what does he bring to the table?
Steve Watkin. Nice bloke are his protégés getting enough chances?
Adrian Shaw. Nice bloke again what is his speciality?
Matthew Maynard. A maverick player but does not I feel have the respect of his squad.
Mark Wallace. Nice bloke but yet to show the differences he is making.
Hugh Morris. Politician financial advisor or cricketer?
By djronnieb65
Agree entirely what you say in your post
The club are just going through the motions when it comes to coaching
We should have appointed someone from outside as director of cricket
His job would be to go right through the staffing from top to bottom
He would have full responsibility to finding a head coach and then between them sort out whatever is required for other coaches
Richard Almond has been here for some years and has he achieved anything
Adrian Shaw already has been a failed coach at the club
He should have gone with Croft
Steve Watkin again I don’t know what success he has had
The only coach I would keep is David Harrison as he does seem to possess some skill in that department
Hugh Morris is CEO but he has passed 75 percent of his work to Wallace so he can concentrate on the 100 game
That’s the reason we had next to nobody applying for director of cricket because there was too much dealing with players contracts etc
Hopefully one day someone will see all the hangers on that we have at the club and do something about it and just maybe we can have a chance of being competitive once again
By Bubbles
How refreshing at last to see someone who can see through the structure we have. It is nothing personal against any of the coaches mentioned but we should be looking deeper than someone who says hello when they pass by. We all want Glamorgan to succeed and get the best that we can afford. As I have always said sport is a results based business and unfortunately we are in the position of looking after each other. I assume all members of staff are appraised at year end and unless I am mistaken very few have achieved. We are fed up with learning curves and winter coaching as nothing ever seems to come to fruition. We need somebody bold at the club but I fear does not exist to come in and appoint an indepependent head coach who can then apply a winning formula. In football usually if the coach goes he takes his staff with him and :drunk: the new incumbent brings his people on board. Will we see this day? I somehow doubt it.
By Bubbles
Further to my reply let's look at ourselves as a business.
The only asset we have is the stadium and rights were sold away long ago.
A very aged membership who brig in paltry income circa 350k and not an easy sell to possible backers due to our chequered history.
Takeaway Welsh government funding and ECB handouts we would sink.
In simple terms we pay out far too much and do not have the moe coming in.
Simple maths.
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By Vetchetarian
Jobs for the boys mentality having a deleterious effect on things Glamorgan.

Until that situation is, a) recognised, and, b) dealt with, nothing much will change.
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