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By Bubbles
On a lighter note can you make a bespectacled X1?
One at a time to give everyone a go! 🙄😙😷😷😷
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By TWrex
Should there be a shortage of Glamorgan players, or an imbalance to form an XI can I, as a Kentish interloper, throw in a couple of names for the squad. Derek Aslett, a good county batsman but an exceptional fielder. Alan Dixon, an all rounder with plenty of wickets and a more than useful batsman. Like Aslett he was a brilliant fielder, especially in the covers. I particularly remember him taking a wicket in each of his first seven overs in a Gillette Cup tie against Surrey on a flat pitch at the Oval on a gorgeous sunny day. That was 53 years ago, yipes and I was already a working lad.
You could compare Alan with Darren Stevens, with the occasional bit of spin, in the bowling stakes. No one bats like Darren Stevens, but h could give it a good whack when required.
Incidentally Alan live just a couple of minutes away from where I am typing this, there was a lot of pride in having a local (Dartford) player in the county side. He was a long time vice-captain of the team and led them at various times, so more strings to his bow there.
I look forward to see how the squad develops, I wonder what opposition they could 'play' against?
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