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By JamesH
glamman wrote: Mon Jun 24, 2019 3:47 pm Have to say the new person on commentary with Nick Webb at the moment is dreadful!

If it's the young sounding chap you're talking about then I think he's okay. Certainly prefer listening to him than Bob Hunt who I find difficult to listen to. Happy for Nick Webb to watch some decent cricket from Glammy this year after the last few seasons of misery.
By glamman
I know it has probably already been mentioned but at present we have 6 batsmen averaging over 45 in the Championship. Truly remarkable given last year.
Hopefully we won't lose too much time to the weather and build a challenging lead. Unfortunately it can be very difficult to dismiss a team on thefinal day in Bristol as we have found in the past. I can remember sitting through a fruitless final day in 2014 at the ground.
By glamman
Poor end to the day losing Root. Work for the lower order to do to set up any realistic chance of a win.
By Nick_Glam
Even at the moment, but there may well be rain in the morning which will make it very difficult for either team to win the game.

A good effort by the bowlers to force us back into the game today though.
By johnwales
On previous performances this season, we may still force a first innings lead and put Gloucestershire under pressure. Unlikely I know, but we have done it several times already.

It was certainly Glamorgan's day both bowling and batting, but it is a big pity we lost Billy Root at the end of the day.
By glamman
Useful ball from Douthwaite to dismiss Hammond. Not sure we have bowled very well otherwise.
By Nick_Glam
Another good effort from Wagg with the bat. He must be a contender for the best number 9 in the country...

Hard to see a positive result from this one, but stranger things have happened.
By notgoingoutreprise
Could be an interesting finish though the BBC website has switched their feature game to the Sussex game so they are not expecting a result
By glamman
Great catch from Cullen. Not sure why he drops some relatively simple ones.

This could be a good finish with neither team out of it if the next couple of wickets fall quickly.
By glamman
Great performance from the bowlers and fielders today. Now for the batting - 188 from 49 overs - sounds simple! I'm sure it won't be.
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