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By glamman
johnwales wrote: Fri May 17, 2019 9:00 am Any one know the extent of Cooke's injury ? Who is the 2nd X1 favourite for this roll ?
It will be Cullen. He is the only other keeper in the squad.
By hujon64
Am getting a bit worried as this is my third (and last) time of trying to post before I start listening, having just checked scores, etc. Out for morning and worried my old iPad is dying! Will our Director of Cricket, Mark Wallace, who keeps for Newport stand in for the 2nds? Who is Captaining today? Will Hogan retake the role if he plays next game? How is Chris Cooke? What will the result be today.
Well done to Selman - so pleased the young lad got his 150.
By psychocandy
Well done to Selman... (and labuschagne)

Last night I thought some quick runs this morning and leave them 300 got a chance. Then we lost wickets and before lunch we weren't scoring fast so looked like we'd given up and were trying to bat as long as we could to not leave them enough time.

BUT, looks like we declared leaving them 269. OK so only 50 overs but still.... At least we've got one wicket - wonder if Glos will go for it?
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By lovecricket
A very encouraging match for us! From follow on to putting ourselves in a position where we could have won. Great heart and skill. 50s in both innings for Hemphrey, 150 for Selman and 137 for Labuschagne (runs down the order for Wagg again too). Brilliant to see the difference top order runs make.

When they were 41-4 I was thinking this could be on!

Fair play to the team in charge of recruitment finding these new signings, Root included too who's been excellent. Also well done to Maynard who's getting good results from this batting order.

Fingers crossed Cooke is ok! Only negative.
By Nick_Glam
Some good character shown by the players.

Hopefully the next game can be played on a result pitch and we won't miss Cooke too much (if he is out).
By johnwales
An excellent performance, batting and bowling. I presume Selman stood in as w/k based on the fact he took two catches. Interesting that he did not concede any byes !!!

Desperately need a win now to put us middle table and show the world we are not a joke team.
By djronnieb65
Very promising so far
It’s a shame we didn’t bat better in the first innings as there’s no doubt it was a good batting wicket
The test will come when we play on wickets that can produce a result
Certainly a lot better than last season so far as we are seeing a bit more fight from the team
I hope Bull will be given a run in the first team as I don’t like operating with just part time spinners
Nice to see Selman get some runs as we need him to lay foundations for some decent scores
If we can finish mid table I will regard that as success
We will soon be having the t20 upon us and the chance to see Ingram the bat
Hope he comes back to form when it starts
Also wondering if we will get another overseas player for t20
I would like an international spinner if possible as it’s already proved that they cause the most damage in that competition
Well so far I’m reasonably happy with our performances and with our youngsters if they do improve to give us some hope for the future
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