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By mav
There must be more than one!

I will start with.

The first time I met my wife, I knew she was a keeper.

She was wearing massive gloves.
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By Victor Johnston
Perhaps not a joke as such but I think it's a real 'cracker' .. sledging at it's classic best ? ( true story )

Ian Botham comes in to bat and whilst taking guard Rod Marsh pipes up,  "how's your wife and my kids Ian?"

Botham' s quite instant and brilliant sardonic reply, " the wife's fine but the kids are retarded "

boom, boom, think that must have shut Mr Rod up pronto lol.... :love:
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By Victor Johnston
A Tedious Routine !

Monday to Friday twice daily
I commute on a weekly ticket,
as the wheels of the train go around,
clickity, clickity, click it,

A tedious routine and though
I'm thoroughly sick of it,
unless my six numbers come up
for the next twenty years, I'll have to stick it !

But what keeps me sane is on Saturday
I will be at the wicket,
leather v willow, ball striking bat
playing and enjoying cricket!  :violin:

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