An off topic with a difference! Join us for fun and games with slightly cheekier tone than the rest of the forum!
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By Alex
Post a picture of a ground and the objective is to guess where it is.

The person who answers it right then posts a picture to continue the game, if the people who answer it correctly does not post a new picture within 24 hours then anyone can post a new picture.

I'll start us off with an easy one!

By johnjames
I will have to pass the baton to someone else as I have no idea how to post pictures I'm afraid. I am computer illiterate.
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By chris
Perhaps my earlier reply was not clear.

It is not Tring and it is not Southport.  The ground is that of Aigburth CC as previously posted by themaclad.

So that's is Aigburth CC ground, not Liverpool CC's ground which is called (and in the district of Liverpool of) Aigburth (to which my earlier clue was trying to suggest).

Anyone and everyone is welcome to sign the petition to try and save the ground from development: ... greenspace
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By Alex
Since it's been over 24 hours since you confirmed it was right, the topic is open for anyone to post a picture :)

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