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By Ian
Whilst thats  true Lanky, i don't think its the only time it's happened.
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By Filkins
Both Glamorgan players and probably (at some stage anyway) both skippered the county????
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By Ian
The only time that Glamorgan players have been the opposing captains in a Test Match/Series.

Well done Filkins, over to you.
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By Filkins
OK nice simple one here then for you Ian on a Monday. In cricketinng terms what conneccts the creator of Sherlock Holmes and the good Doctor, WG Grace?
By welshjesseryder
Sherlock Holmes was created, of course, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who happened to be a handy cricketer. He played a few first-class games for the MCC. In one of these, against London County at the Crystal Palace on May 25th 1900, he took the wicket of one W G Grace - his only f-c wicket, though the great man had made 110 when he was out. Regards.
By LankyShark
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle said of WG. "He would lumber up to the wicket and toss up the ball in a take-it-or-leave it style, as if he cared little whether it pitched between the wickets or in the next garden".
By welshjesseryder
Apparently, W G was paid £1,000 for the tour of Australia in 1891-92. What's that worth today ?

My turn for a question ? How about this old chestnut......who is the only man to play in both cricket
and football World Cups ?
By overtheborder
I'm thinking either someone English or from a lower ranked footballing nation such as Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica etc., I might be wrong though.

Not a clue who it would be though.
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By Alex
Not strictly a quiz question but Essex against Kent made 569 all out with no batsman scoring a hundred, can anyone recall a higher team total where no batsman has scored a hundred?

By LankyShark
Gerald Howat is (was) my favourite cricket biographer.  I had read one of his books before hearing him speak and then read more after the excellent Cricket Society Evening.

Without looking it up, does anyone know any of the players Mr Howat wrote about? 
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