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By Ian
When India played England at Edgbaston in 1967, it was the only occasion when the Indian line up contained what.....?
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By Ian
Good man Lanky.

That's right, it was the only test match in which all four played. Let's hope they bowled more than 12 overs an hour.

Your question I believe.
By LankyShark
Thanks Ian

I hadn't previously realised that they had only played one test together, but the question certainly seemed to lead to that answer. I am sure that they did manage plenty of overs but you have to wonder today how many they would get to in the very unlikely event that there was a similar team selection.

The only time that I have been to Trent Bridge, I saw less than an hour's cricket. Play was abandoned for the day at 12:05, there having been a break between innings.

However during that time,

(1) a Nottinghamshire player took a wicket in his final test match at Trent Bridge.

(2) a future England captain scored the first runs of an innings that was destined to be his first test match hundred, and

(3) a Lancashire (my team) bowler completed a five wicket haul.

What was the game, opposition and year?
Who were the three players referred to?
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By Filkins
Clue is in the Nottinghamshire player - but not of course playing for England! Hadlee took four wickest in Englands only innings in his last series for NZ vs England in 1990, Atherton scored his first ton and De Freitas chipped in with a five for while playing for Lancs.

Good series as I recall, but a pretty cold and wet summer all round. In a similar vein, here's one back:

What (apart from the result) was really odd when New Zealand finally acheived their first Test Match victory against England in England, at Leeds in 1983?
By LankyShark
Correct of course Filkins. Hadlee was a Notts player when overseas players really were County players too. Not like today where they pop in for a few games, often with different counties.

I will have a think about your question. Nothing immediately springs to mind. Hopefully someone else will come in with an answer.
By LankyShark
Had to look it up but remembered as soon as I saw the England first innings scorecard. 

(Despite the fact that Richard Hadlee was playing) all 20 England wickets fell to bowlers whose name began with a C.

Ewan Chatfield who had "died" for a very brief time after being hit on the head by a Peter Lever bouncer some eight years earlier in his Test debut.

Jeremy Coney who later became NZ captain and now appears to be in every commentary box available

And, with 10 wickets in the match, Lance Cairns who bowled "off the wrong foot" and is father of Chris.

Surprisingly to me at least Martin Crowe who took 218 wickets in FC and List A games didn't bowl at all during the game. He was inducted into the ICC Hall of Fame during the NZ v. Aus WC2015 game but sadly is suffering from cancer and unlikely to live long.  Brother Jeff, the other of the 5 Cs to play for NZ in that match wasn't a bowler. As far as I know, cousin Russell hasn't played any FC cricket though appears to have pkayed for Australia against England in the Hollywood Ashes.
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By Ian
Who is the only first-class cricketer to have a no.1 single in the UK Top 40 charts ?

Geoff Hurst? (Back home, 1970?)

If that sounds an odd answer, I think he played 1 game for Essex
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By Ian
When Pakistan played England in 1973, what did the opposing captains have in common, for the only time I believe, in Test Match cricket?
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