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By TWrex
Rob Key has been getting plenty of stick on Sky for using the term 'mile an hour', instead of 'miles per hour' when referring to bowling speeds. I often say 'mile an hour' & coming from North West Kent like Rob, I am wondering if it is a term confined to this area of the country?
'We got up to 80 mile an hour', 'This car could easily do 100 miles per hour. They both seem ok to me & I cannot see a reason why I would use one over another on any given occasion, but I do.
By LankyShark
My guess would be that “miles per hour” is the grammatically correct term, but I have heard “mile an hour” regularly and I don't come from anywhere near Kent. Also “miles an hour”
By Iron Mike
Concur. I'd rather hear the grammatically correct version and hear both even in this part of the country. Can't beat a bit of regional dialection...we have bilingual mix here too. Ah'll see thee!
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By Vetchetarian
Ah, the English language. Don't you just love it. Little wonder it's a nightmare for those brave souls from foreign climes who strive to learn it, and then scratch their head in bewilderment at the numerous variations they encounter.
By johnwales
Not a big issue really, but must say that I prefer David Lloyd's commentary, particularly when he chats to the spectators. The marriage proposal a few days ago was awesome; I guess there must have been some planning before hand.
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