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By Iron Mike
Just a question to all county fans around the shires..what local media coverage does your team get? In today's climate of online consumerism and competing attractions plus local media in decline how do you keep up to date with news from your team...whether you live nearby or in exile?

To start with Glam...still get match reports in the main regional and national Welsh dailies and Sunday. Also news on local bbc tv and radio including live radio t20.Not as good as before when most one day games were on the radio but now all is on online radio that not all can access.

Glam used to get loads of live games on bbc Wales and s4c showed a few t20s even in the sky era.

Both still do their bit as do itv and local cable with news and score updates..eg radio Wales gives hourly updates and interviews plus has a sport programme every weeknight like radio 5 and have done cricket hours thus proving in this area cricket still retains good prominence and is kept on the national conscience.

From living there I remember Hampshire had and think still enjoy superb coverage especially on bbc solent..All one dayers live, live pre season fans forum too and plenty on local tv news..both sides. Also comprehensive coverage on all the main regional papers. 

Living there when Glam had hants test match was an interesting time...The local media was full of it for weeks culminating in the two chairmen having a heated discussion on live radio solent in the pro 40 play off interval interview!

Please add in your thoughts about what your team get...good bad or indifferent? Also your experiences...it would be great to discuss how we all keep in touch with news etc...or do you get all your news from gleaning whilst actually being there?

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By Boxman
I listen to the BBC's online county cricket commentaries pretty much continuously over the course of the season. Mostly Surrey, as it is one of the most professional, but also other counties. I listen to these not just for the matches but general cricket discussion.

I also have a subscription to The Cricket Paper.

As I am mostly based abroad these are just heaven sent. I can keep completely abreast of the county game. 20 years ago it would have been a few paragraphs in two day old papers.

What with Glamorgan and now Notts going visual as well, I am truly spoilt now, though I really don't have time to sit and watch four solid days of cricket on a TV screen.
By LankyShark
In Manchester?  Cricket?  On the radio (or TV)? 

You are joking!!!    It's football. Football. Football. And if they have got as far down the list as reporting that the father of the goalkeeper of Rochdale's girls u-13s has a cold and have nothing else to say about football, then they move to Rugby League. 

Ok. I exaggerate a little. But only a little. 

Occasionally they allow a report on a match (more later) while its in play but it's not priority in any way. Certainly by the time the day was over Lancashire's T20 win last year was filed as history. If it had been a football team they would be talking about it now. 

However.  I have to give them some credit. Ball by ball commentary on every county match on the internet is a wonderful thing. I work in an office alone and to be able to listen to that throughout the summer is like getting a present every day. And this commentary is where the reports come from. I understand though that Radio Merseyside don't even take the reports.

I think Lancashire show the wickets taken somewhere on the Internet with a single camera. I can't be bothered searching for that.
By Iron Mike
What are your regional papers like..esp the Sundays? Across the n Wales coast you can get the MEN that do Lancs like Western Mail then Wales on Sunday being ok for a third page or so of Glam.

If you ever go to Glos and sw from there the local Independent blue top is surely  the best Sunday regional for sport with 50 sports pages and at least a page for Glos and Somerset each plus a page or two of local cricket reports and columns. All from an office in Liskeard.

Anyone else agree or is there a better Sunday regional out there for cricket?

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