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By Alex
Is there a good cricket game that can be downloaded and played on my mobile? Something with a good feel :confused:

What sort of mobile do you have as the games available depend on the device you have.
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By Alex
The offering on android isn't as wide as on apple devices and from having a quick flick through it would be more trial and error.

The one game I would recommend is Stick Cricket ISL as you have the option of buying players.
By Tony
I think Cricket Unlimited is also a good option, its available on android as well as apple. I like it because of Tournament and Challenge mode of the game. They keep on updating it ... has rating of 4  :)
You should try it  :lol:
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By Thameseyray
I enjoy playing international cricket captain!
Haven't won  the championship yet but got Glamorgan promoted and came 2nd a few times!
Biggest highlight getting 650 against Yorkshire a few years ago!
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