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How do - Steve, a long-suffering (since the late 70s-ish. When we were last really good. Is there a link?) Kent supporter also here following the demise of We Are Kent. Based up in Scotland these days so I don't get many chances to see them live. I had an eye on the away Durham fixture this year - one of the consequences of their controversial relegation last summer of course - and while it might be a really important game if we're anywhere near promotion this year, in early Sept. I know there's zero chance of being able to attend it because of work. Doh!

I'm Steve, using my musical production name to shamelessly get it more hits on google.

I am a Kent fan (but was never a commenting member of WAK) and after many years of attending a few Kent games this year is the first year I am a member of Kent CCC so I am hoping to get inside information from existing Kent Members.

I'm in the latest stages of my 20s and was always hopeless at playing the sport. The closest thing I have to a cricket related claim to fame is while Test Match Sofa was still broadcasting, I wrote the theme tune and sang the theme tune.

I live in London and work for a large charity.

All the best,

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By Alex
Welcome to the forum guys, thanks for joining!

Has anyone in the group mentioned VFTB? Might be worth just letting people know there is now a forum available for Kent fans to join in with.
By FrankB
Hi I've been a Kent Cricket fan since I was about 14 and would visit The Mote at Maidstone which was my nearest Kent ground. Watched Kent play Lancashire the week after the first ever World Cup in 1975.
Have been a member of Kent since 1998 and get to as many home games as I can. Have always had my sixteen year old son Dom by my side. He loves his cricket and loves his county, like me. I'm a bit of a purist and love my County Championship, but also enjoy T20 and 1 day games. Can remember Kent being County Champions when I was 9.
More recent memory was Edgbaston in 2007 for T20 finals day. When Bomber won the mascot race Dom & I both had a feeling it was going to be Kent's day. A great day out enjoyed by my family the next day when I was unable to speak, having shouted myself hoarse!
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By TWrex
Hello, have just found this forum having been on the old 'We are Kent' forum.  Have spent 60  years supporting the county, being a member since 1988 , plenty of ups & downs but have had plenty of enjoyment following the county.
Live in a bit of a Kent outpost these days - Dartford, but still get to Canterbury regularly with the odd trip to Beckenham, Tunbridge Wells, The Oval & Lord's.  I don't mind watching T20 on the tele, but have no interest in pitching up to watch it in the flesh.  The Championship & one day cricket are my favoured forms of the game, but I fear at my age it will be a case of who goes first, me or them :(.    Away from cricket have been supporting the 'mighty' Dartford FC as long as KCCC & we are involved in fight for a play-off place & then hopefully promotion to the Vanarama National League.
Outside of sport love to go to the theatre, last show 'Count Arthur Strong - The Sound of Mucus', next 'The Miser' with Griff Rhys-Jones & Lee Mack.  Enjoy reading, especially sport & history.
Hello, I am a refugee from the Cricket24/7 forum, and I hope you might be willing to have me along here!

I posted on there regularly for many years but the site has been down for about two weeks now and I don't get any response as to what has happened.

I am based in Stockholm, Sweden, where I have been involved in cricket for many years. I run/play in a social/indoor/'backyard' cricket club in Stockholm.

I am a big fan of county/domestic cricket and try to get to at least 10 days or more of cricket every season. I am not really tribal about it - I was brought up with cricket in Scarborough, but I am interested in the whole game. I do have a soft spot for, among others, Northamptonshire, for whom I think David Ripley and his team have done wonders. I am usually based in south London when I come to the UK, so I tend to frequently visit The Oval, which I have grown to think of as a quite special place. I am also a big fan of MCCU cricket, which I think is an excellent scheme.

My ambition is to eventually visit all the county HQ grounds - so far I have managed 10 of them - plus more outgrounds (8 so far) and the MCCU HQs (1 so far).
Greetings, all. I'm another exile from 247, having been directed here by PaulTavs.

I'm more of a county cricket connoisseur than an England diehard. As a Kentish boy born and bred, the Hop County has always been my main love; however, personal issues in recent years have made it more convenient for me to take out membership of Essex, my local county side. As you can imagine, I had a rather enjoyable season just gone.

But I still make visits to the Kent venues and remain an inveterate wanderer, last season managing 52 days' assorted cricket across thirteen different grounds. I prefer the red ball but despite my growing suspicion of one-day cricket, I still find myself attending numerous white ball games. I'd describe myself as an open traditionalist, fiercely protective of the game's legacy but mindful of the need for it to evolve, and receptive to well reasoned argument.

The 'Summer of '77' monicker refers to the months which influenced me greatly as a thirteen year old , when Kent ruled English cricket, England regained The Ashes and my mind was blown by punk rock. I had a strong inkling back then that I might be spending much of my life lazing at county grounds and going to dodgy gigs and so it transpired. I still get that childish thrill on the opening day of the County Championship and, like many others, am eagerly awaiting the release of next year's fixtures. Err..oh yeah, and that Ashes series too.

Play up !
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